felix renton

“I really think that Ron and Felix would make a cute couple. Unfortunately, because it is both a slash pairing and a pairing that conflicts with canon, it is not ver popular. The scarcity of fan work for this ship is almost discouraging, especially when you consider how long the show has been around and how popular other ships, i.e. KiGo, managed to become. Frankly, it is incredibly disappoining.”


DisabilityFest 2016: Animated Movies and Television

From the top:

Felix Renton (Kim Possible) - wheelchair user

Toph (Avatar: the Last Airbender) - blind

Garrett Miller (Extreme Ghostbusters) - wheelchair user

King Fergus (Brave) - prosthetic leg

Hiccup (How To Train Your Dragon) - prosthetic foot

Zuko (Avatar: the Last Airbender) - PTSD, facial burn scar

Joaquín Mondragon and Scardelita Sánchez (The Book of Life) - wear eyepatches

Teo (Avatar: the Last Airbender) - wheelchair user

Fa Zhou (Mulan) - walks with a cane, implied heart condition

Something to note: all but two of these characters are men, and nearly all have a “reason” to be disabled, usually shown graphically in the story or discussed by characters. Characters with disabilities are rarely allowed to simply exist in the world as they are, without a “so, when was … the accident?” question followed by a ~tragic flashback~ to explain how they came to be disabled. Disability is therefore framed as an aberration to be explained to anyone who asks, including strangers.

While these characters help to normalize disability (being in media geared towards children), there are problems with these characters. They create a culture of abled people asking random strangers with visible disabilities “so, when was … the accident?” or parents using random strangers with visible disabilities as “teaching moments” for their kids. They also erase people with less visible disabilities, conditioning children to think all disabilities are readily visible and apparent. 

Toph, while a beloved character, is often criticized for being the “blind badass” stereotype found in action-fantasy stories. I included her in this post because of the lack of women.