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I'm sure they know.

I’m sure Sean knows he’s a wonderful inspiration and and the cutest green bean ever, he’s been on the internet and popular for a while. He’s heard it before.

Same goes for Mark. I’m sure he knows we know that he is so damn impressive and smart in everything he does, he’s heard it before.

And surely Felix, by now, knows that his audience is there for a reason, and that he’s got a good head on his shoulders.

Ethan must know that he’s wonderful and can do almost anything at 20, and we support him through that.

I’m sure they’ve been reassured that they’re beautiful, too. Hell we make art of them daily.

They know.

But does Tyler know HE was the actively saving my life? Not Mark? That he is a walking miracle of a human in the way he acts, and WE KNOW IT.

Does Robin know that when some of us see a really funny part in a JSE video, a close up or a few pop up things. We think of that funny Swedish dude that we barely see but god we love him. (Additionally hes so impressive? Like??? Antisepticeye is part jack but also a HUGE part Robin go dude)

Does Katherine know, as the resident brown haired woman with glasses in teamiplier that she makes me accept myself as the brown haired girl with glasses because she is so damn beautiful

Does AMY know, that she is so passionate about what she loves and that drives some of us everyday. I want to be like Amy Nelson! And FUCK NO, when I say that I do not mean I want to date Mark. I want to be loving, passionate, and talented. And she’s a fucking good inspiration. (Even though she has a channel, still saying this, because it’s true and it might not have reached her yet)

Does Signé know she makes some of us feel not so alone anymore? That woman dealt with depression and anxiety and still deals with some today. She’s creative, she’s wonderful, she’s beautiful and when I say I want to be like Signe Hansen I don’t mean Sean’s girlfriend because I want to be creative and I want to fight off my depression and I am, with her help. (Even though she has a channel, I’m still saying this)

Gods sake, does MARZIA KNOW she is a sweetheart and smart and talented and not just Felix’s girlfriend because just a little scroll through the comments on her channel saying she’s using him for views makes me sorta insulted. Marzia is loving, and sweet and beautiful and when I say I want to be like Marzia Bisognin I don’t mean Felix’s girlfriend I mean a kind, loving and sweet woman with an impeccable fashion sense. Do all these people get left slightly behind and never told this, only getting indirect praise because it’s targeted at Mark? Or Sean? Or Ethan? Or Felix? I want Tyler, Robin, Katherine, Amy, Signe and Marzia to know they’re just as important as their friends/ significant others to some of us. Reblog with your own thoughts on these guys! Spread the love!

IT IS 12:30 AM, I HAVE CLASS IN THE MORNING YET I REGRET NOTHING FOR MAKING THIS @markiplier @therealjacksepticeye @wiishu

I don’t say it enough but I am so proud of the unholy trinity.

Like, I remember my first Felix video at like, 400.000 subs and I remember watching Mark’s 10.000 sub video and I remember the first time I saw Jack and the whole shoutout winner video.

I remember the first time Mark cried on camera.

I remember how heated Felix used to get.

I remember Sean hiding his loudness and his accent.

Now, my boys, my boys are standing up on their own. 

Mark is a beacon of strength, proving that emotion is strength; and emotion is beautiful. Mark is speaking out about love and respect and spreading messages that will impact this community for the rest of our lives.

Felix is a symbol of resilience, keeping cool through one of the angriest, most hurtful media attacks I’ve ever seen. Felix is proof that we can learn and grow from our mistakes; that no matter what we’ve come from we can change the world.

Sean is the human embodiment of learning to love yourself. Who he is now is completely different from those first few videos. He has shown us self-doubt and weakness being turned into something incredible; beautiful. He has embraced every part of himself and showed millions of other people how to do the same.

I’m proud of a lot of YouTubers, I’m proud of a lot of people, but these three have overcome so much hardship and brought so much light into my life.

These three have shown a generation that it is beautiful to be emotional, it is beautiful to not lash out, to mess up, to apologize. It is beautiful to feel, to be angry, it is beautiful to be yourself, to love yourself.

These three have taught me the meaning of beautiful.


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Relationship goals indeed

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L̷̛̲͎͙̥͈͇̘̮̼̥̫̯̊͒̎̿̊͐͂͒̂̀̔̚e̶̗̳̙̖͕̍̊̇́̔͌͑̀̏͐̂͗T̸̡̛̛͉̤̠͕̥̜́́̌͆͌͌̾̄̄͐͝͠ͅͅ ̷̨͓̬̲̘̮̗̄́͌͐̓̇̃͒̐͛͛̈́͘͜m̵̨͍͉͔̹̱̳̭͂̄͌̂̔͂̀̉̀̌̕͝ͅE̷̪̱̤̯͉̫͎̼̹͈̖̳̍ ̵̡̭͔̞̤̹͂̆̐͂̀̈́̓̈́͐͑̕i̴͚͙̱͙̬̳̠͚̓̌̅́́͝͝͝N̶̼̹̘͑̊̏̄̆̚͝͝͝

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Are you doing HCs, preferences, and imagines for only Teamiplier?

I’ll do them for the following:


  • Mark
  • Tyler
  • Ethan
  • Kathryn
  • Amy


  • Dark
  • Wilford
  • Google

And I’ll also do:

  • Sean
  • Wiishu
  • Felix
  • Marzia

I would appreciate if your preference had between 2 and 5 of the people above that way they aren’t too short or too long.

Don’t be afraid to ask. I’ll even (attempt to) do nsfw, so don’t be shy!

Oh, that’s right… Here’s why:
And so many others who don’t have a Tumblr.


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