felix machine

(( So this is how I spent my night….. This is my first animatic ever– I hope you all like it! ))

@ask-showstopper-bendy @bendythe-demon

I was bored, so why not make a Picture with all the toons we know already

*Bendy and the Ink Machine
*Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
*Mickey Mouse
*Felix The Cat

Credit ther owners to make them special for us ❤


Dancing Buddies.

Well, maybe we won’t be forgiven
For all the things we’ve said and done
But don’t you ever give up, or give in
‘Cause you know the show must go on

And don’t believe them if they tell you
Where you’re from’s where you belong
Just get up off your knees and say,
“Fuck you, I’m on my way!”
The show must go on.