Pewdiepie and Phan

I know Pewds was joking in his vid but I’m lowkey scared that he outed Phan. Like, Idk. No YouTubers have ever really mentioned about them ‘dating’. Plus Phil ignored when someone brought up the topic of Pewdiepie. What did you do, Felix??!

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#I’m making this gifs set because some people still say/think that he screwed up #or that he intentionally killed Sam #they’re like ”PEWDIEPIE SUCKS AT UNTIL DAWN BECAUSE HE KILLS SAM. MY FAVORITE CHARACTER” #it’s like people gleefully ignore this particular part of the video #I’m like did you actually watch the video #or did you just skip to Sam’s don’t move parts and then just stop watching it the moment you see Sam died #Pewds is not the only one who has this issue with Until Dawn #yet people keep posting comments on how he “killed” Sam on his video AND other YouTubers’ comment section #it’s like people actually think he lied or something