#I’m making this gifs set because some people still say/think that he screwed up #or that he intentionally killed Sam #they’re like ”PEWDIEPIE SUCKS AT UNTIL DAWN BECAUSE HE KILLS SAM. MY FAVORITE CHARACTER” #it’s like people gleefully ignore this particular part of the video #I’m like did you actually watch the video #or did you just skip to Sam’s don’t move parts and then just stop watching it the moment you see Sam died #Pewds is not the only one who has this issue with Until Dawn #yet people keep posting comments on how he “killed” Sam on his video AND other YouTubers’ comment section #it’s like people actually think he lied or something


24/10/15 I met my inspiration in life. Since pretty much the start of his YouTube career, I have watched and supported his stupidly hilarious videos. People may not understand how much he means to me but he has helped me through so much shit in the past 4 years. To people who don’t watch him or haven’t seen his videos, they may think he is just some person online who plays games everyday. To all of his bros, he is more than that. He is the main reason I’m so happy all the time, and yesterday I got the chance to meet him. Thank you so fucking much Felix, you mean so much to me and all the bros💙