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Hi everyone! I’m sorry this has taken forever, but THANK YOU so much to everyone who entered. I’m so excited to have so many new blogs to follow, and I hope to be able to get to know those of you I hadn’t before :) Finally, a huge congratulations to all the winners, please see the original post for your prizes and don’t be shy to request them!


Welcome to Nick and Alexis Tumblr Awards!


  • You must be following both Nick and Alexis! We will be checking to see if you are!
  • You must reblog this post! You may like this post but they wont count towards anything!
  • Must reach 100 notes!
  • You have until the 20th of April to reblog! (Sorry if that’s really far away but it will be easier for us to do once school is out of the way!)

How this works:

  • For each category Nick and Alexis will choose one winner each! This means each category has two wonderfully named awards that you could win (the only categories that will not have two winners is the last three)
  • All fandom or multi-fandom blogs are encouraged to join!
  • If you win we will notify you through your ask box so make sure you keep it open!


  • The ‘Autumn Canvas Award’ and the 'Winter Canvas Award’ - Best Theme
  • The 'Hello My Name Is… Award’ - Best URL
  • The 'Amelia’s Dream Award’ and the 'Allons-y Award’ - Best Doctor Who Posts
  • The 'Felicia’s Day Award’ and the 'Dean’s Pie Award' - Best Supernatural Posts
  • The '221A+ Award’ and the 'Baker’s Dozen St. Award’ - Best Sherlock Posts
  • The 'Felix Felicis Award’ and the 'Marauder’s Award’ - Best Harry Potter Posts
  • The 'Dragons Award’ and the 'Dire Wolves Award’ - Best Game of Thrones Posts
  • The 'Big Boob Blowies’ Award and the 'C-Word Award’ - Best Orphan Black Posts
  • The 'Chuck vs. the Fandom Award’ and the 'Just Flashed Award’ - Best Chuck Posts
  • The 'Hannah’s Poison Award’ and the 'Dexter’s Table Award’ - Best Dexter Posts
  • The 'Come Along Pond Award’ - Alexis’ Favourite
  • The 'Slice of Life Award’ - Nick’s Favourite
  • The 'SuperWhoLock Award’ - Best Overall

What you will win:

  • You will be promoted to over 5k!
  • Super amazing graphics award banners that will come with solo and group announcements!
  • Promos upon request from either Alexis or Nick until the end of May!
  • Our endless love!
  • and snuggles, can’t forget the snuggles!