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A Day in the Mushroom Kingdom

Alright then! Let’s get going then~. There’s so many things we can explore in the Mushroom World. I hope you’re prepared for all of it. It can get a bit dangerous at time but I trust that you can handle yourself just fine.” Peach flashed the mechanic a warm smile after saying this. With a slight nod of her head, she took the lead towards where the tram were located. Princess Peach sat down in the first cart, pumping a small gloved hand into the air in excitement. “Let’s-a Go!" 

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"Yes, indeed! How have you been, princess? I hope you're doing great!" he replied happily, placing his hat back again on his head. "Anything new? How's Mario and Luigi? Sorry for all these questions, but as you said, it's been a long time since we last spoke!" he replied, smiling.

“I’ve been just marvelous. Thank you for asking. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to contact you soon but I’m glad you were able to find me instead. Well, there are a few upcoming games that I will be featured in. I’m so excited for the Super Mario 3D World. It’ll be so much fun! What about you? Is there anything coming up for you and your game?”

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"Oh well, not at all. Since our game is quite old, I don't think it will be getting updates or so. And I haven't heard of any new games related to my game yet.. so far.." he shrugged and smiled. "And congrats on that new game coming soon of yours!"

“That is quite true… and Thank you.” She trailed off, gazing down at her gloves hands for a moment. “Wait! Why not come visit the Mushroom Kingdom for a little while? I’m sure it would be full of adventure and new things to do. Maybe we can go karting as well!"