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Felix Gonzalez-Torres was born on this day in 1957. Installations of his “Untitled” (America) can vary: composed of twelve strings of light bulbs, the work can be shown inside or outside, in an unlimited range of configurations. This work is one of a number by Gonzalez-Torres that includes the word “America” in its title. The light from the bulbs might resonate as cheerful in one context and melancholy in another, leaving viewers to reflect on their own associations with the idea of “America.”

[Felix Gonzalez-Torres, “Untitled” (America), 1994 (96.74.1a-l) as installed in the stairway of the Whitney Museum of American Art. © The Felix Gonzalez-Torres Foundation Courtesy of Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York. Photograph by Ronald Amstutz]



Lets take a look at the youtube logo shall we? 

There seems to be a “play button” in the middle, but what if…


Now lets take a quick look at these specific youtubers names. Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, Pewdiepie.

  • JacksepticEYE
  • MarkiplEYEr
  • PewdiepEYE

Do you know what else has an eye?

Instead of denying their connections with the Illuminati as most members do, these 3 have posted videos openly talking about theories. What better way to hide the truth?

Still not convinced? All of these men went to school, correct? Meaning they took math class. Now if we do some math- There are three of them, a trio. Do you know what else has 3 sides? A TRIANGLE. 


All together they have 6 eyes.


There is one eye on the Illuminati triangle.

Mark and Felix were born in 1989, Jack was born in 1990. 

1989+1989+1990= 5968

5+9+6+8= 28

2+8= 10

Now if we take 5968+666= 6634

6+6+3+4= 19

1+9= 10


Who started it all?

We have reason to believe Jacksepticeye is the leader of this youtube Illuminati trio. Starting with his logo- A green eye. Very similar to the green Illuminati eye.

A little bit on Jacks background, he is Irish and currently lives in Athlone, Ireland. EYErish?

If you aren’t familiar with Jacksepticeye’s pose for pictures it looks like this.

Now if you look closely…

First note the 3 triangles. Then notice he places his eye directly inside the first triangle. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Here we see the trio communicating with these symbols after Jacksepticeye has recruited Mark and Felix.

The proof is all here. 



felt like shit yesterday, drew something to distract myself

thought about winter wear, because it’s winter in my home country, missing the cold…

as for me, i haven’t stopped experiencing summer since june


   There was a newcomer in Neverland, and that newcomer happened to be your child. When you first told Felix, he was, of course, surprised. But he quickly recovered, and had promised you he would help as much as he could. And he upheld his promise. Ever since the baby was born, Felix was always around. He loved that child, and you couldn’t express how happy you were about that. Though, he was always around the Lost Boys when he played, and you knew that wasn’t his fault. The Lost Boys were always around as well. You wanted Felix to spend quality time alone with his child, without the Lost Boys. And you were going to get that.

  The sun was high, and it was a gorgeous day. The Lost Boys, for once, weren’t interested in your child. In fact, they were all out hunting. Felix was out hunting as well. Which frustrated you, it was the perfect opportunity for him to have some alone time with your baby. 

    You were deciding weather or not to go out and find him, when you heard a rustling in the bushes. You quickly turned around to find him, and your heart lifted. Then, it quickly dropped as he was surrounded by other Lost Boys. That tended to happen, since he was second in command. 

  You huffed in annoyance, and went into your tent to go check on your child, who was taking her/his nap. (S)he was still asleep, but you knew that wouldn’t last much longer with the Lost Boys, being their rowdy selves.  

   You heard the Lost Boys’ voices adding onto the noise they created coming in, and you peeked out of tent to see Felix actually wasn’t with them, but sitting on a log near the fire silently. 

  This was your chance. 

   You left the tent silently, though it didn’t matter for the Boys were loud anyways. You sat down next to Felix, looking up to him. He was so tall. 

    His gray eyes left the crackling fire, and he looked towards you. Your Y/N gaze met his, and you spoke. 

     You got straight to the point, “Why don’t you go play with B/N?” You suggested. 

    Felix smiled at you, “I figured you wouldn’t want me to, because I thought you might want some time alone with him/her.” he admitted. “That’s why I left out to hunt with the rest of the Boys.” 

    You returned his smile hearing his words, “Well, I did…” you admitted. “But I also want you to spend time with your child alone. You play with him/her with the other Boys around, not alone. I thought you might want to.” 

    Felix didn’t even hesitate, “Of course.” he stood, and took your hand to help you stand. You beamed and took his hand, standing up. 

    You led him into the tent, and it was just in time, the baby was just waking up. You watched as Felix picked her/him up and begin to cradle them. 

    He played peek a boo, and played with toys with the baby. You couldn’t stop smiling the whole time, and you never wanted it to end. 

    (Credit to gif creator) 

    Requested by amybruce666


Felix was born a few years later, and while the child displayed a little magical ability, it quickly became clear that Felix Alexius would never be much of a mage. Even with tutoring, he could cast simple spells only with immense effort. Gereon doted on his son. Since Felix could not learn much in the way of spells, Gereon brought in tutors to teach him history, art, music, literature - anything that the boy could study was offered to him on a silver platter.

Zinaida Yusupova, greatgrandmother to Felix Yusupov, born as Naryshkina (1809-1893). Her father was a seed of the family of mother of Peter The Great. Her mother was illegitimate daughter of the favorite of Catherine The Great who left her for Katerine Stroganova. She gave birth to one son and one daughter; after that she left her husband and got various relations. It is known she was a mistress to Nikolay I and the only woman who rejected all his gifts.

                                         Gillian Anderson

Born: August 9, 1968 Chicago, Illinois, USA
Height: 5’ 3’’
Nationality: American
Famous for: Her role as Dana Scully on The X-Files (1993-2016)
Occupation: Actress, Writer

  • City High School in Grand Rapids, MI
  • National Theatre of Great Britain at Cornell University in New York
  • Goodman Theater School of Drama, DePaul University in Chicago, IL (majored in Theater; BFA)


  • Julian Ozanne (Married on December 29, 2004; divorced on July 24, 2007)
  • Clyde Klotz (Married on January 1, 1994; divorced on February 1, 1997)

Father: Edward Anderson (film post-production company manager)
Mother: Rosemary Anderson (a computer analyst)
Brother:  Aaron Anderson (younger)
Sister: Zoe Anderson (actress; born on July 7, 1983)

  • Felix Griffiths (Born October 15th, 2008, Father -  Mark Griffiths)
  • Oscar Griffiths (Born November 1, 2006,  Father -  Mark Griffiths)
  • Piper Maru Anderson Klotz (aka. Piper Anderson, actress (Born on August 25, 1994 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Father -  Clyde Klotz)

                                              David Duchovny

Born: August 7, 1960 New York, New York, USA
Height: 6’
Nationality: Scottish/Russian-Jewish
Famous for: His role as FBI agent Fox’s Mulder on The X-Files (1993-2016)
Occupation: Actor, writer

  • Collegiate School, New York City, New York
  • Princeton University, New Jersey (majored in English Literature; B.A.)
  • Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut (majored in English Literature; abandoned his doctoral studies in 1987 to pursue acting full time)

Spouse: Tea Leoni (Married on May 6, 1997, separated in October 2008)
Father: Amram Duchovny (publicist; divorced in 1971)
Mother: Margaret Duchovny (Scottish, teacher)
Brother: Daniel Duchovny (actor, older)
Sister: Laurie Duchovny (younger)

  • Kid Duchovny (Born on June 15, 2002)
  • Madelaine West Duchovny (Born on April 24, 1999,  Mother -  Tea Leoni)