felix and vic

Orphan Black characters meeting a new clone
  • Sarah: Shite.
  • Alison: *distressed soccer mom noises*
  • Cosima: Whoa.
  • Rachel: I already knew about you.
  • Helena: Sestra?
  • Beth: Nope nope nope *dies*
  • Felix: Holy Tilda Swinton
  • Paul: Can I fuck this one too?
  • Mrs S: Can't read my, can't read my, no she can't read my poker face.
  • Art: Fucking shit.
  • Kira: [Oprah Voice] You're not my mother, and you're not my mother, and you're not my mother!
  • Donnie: akjghakrhgauihveranv
  • Delphine: You're definitely so-and-so
  • Gracie: Let me eat in peace, woman.
  • Olivier: Hawt
  • Mark: *pulls out a gun*
  • Leekie: Look how caring I am *schemes in head*

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39, 50

39. you have to relocate to a planet other than earth, which do you choose?
ohh somewhere green and fresh and hilly. maybe betazed? idk im just thinking of that place where they had a picnic in “menage a troi”

50. a random headcanon?
• cardassians have wedding tattoos as opposed to rings (human) or bracelets (bajoran)
• the trill language is called trillic
• julian used to date his friend felix, and also in one story one time felix had sex w/ morn
• barclay and his lot manage to replicate the doctor’s mobile emitter, vic fontaine gets one
these are all from the same fic… anyone remember that time i made a technical glitch fill vic’s lounge with tribbles?

ask meme

Evelyne and I have had a lot of fun with those dynamics because obviously she’s got an attraction and a love for Cosima, but then what is that when she’s dealing with Rachel and what is that when she’s dealing with Sarah? Is that attraction still there? Is there something inherent about the women that’s what she fell in love with or is it uniquely Cosima?
—  Tat on clone dynamics (x)