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Disney dumps PewDiePie over anti-Semitism

  • Disney has cut ties with Swedish YouTube mega star Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie. Kjellberg has 53 million subscribers.
  • The split came after he posted a series of videos that contained anti-Semitic images, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.
  • Disney’s decision to part ways came after the Journal reached out to Disney to inquire about nine troubling clips from Kjellberg’s videos dating back to August 2016.
  • The Journal noted that in one since-removed video, Kjellberg shows a man dressed as Jesus and saying “Hitler did absolutely nothing wrong.”
  • But it’s the video wherein Kjellberg hired two Indian men to hold up a sign that reads “Death to all Jews” that reportedly prompted Disney to pull the plug. Read more (2/14/17 10 AM)

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SugarDaddy!Cal Pt.14

A/N: So you guys, this time this whole chapter was written with Harry Styles’ album on repeat because girl…that’s my shit. I could’ve ended it better, but I honestly didn’t know how to. Anyway, you all know the drill of 100 notes and feedback is always appreciated. Enjoy, lovebugs💕

 **WARNINGS**: Nothing besides profanity. A nice vanilla chapter

One/ Two/ Three/ Four/Five/Six/Seven/Eight/
Sixteen/ Seventeen/ Eighteen/ Nineteen/Twenty{END}

“Mmm, good morning, princess.” Calum whispered as he pressed loving kisses to your jaw.

You sat there stiffly cuddled into his chest, your voice holding no emotion as you told him,“Get your shit and leave.”

Calum’s eyebrows met together and he pulled his arms from around you, sitting up so that he could see your face. You wouldn’t even look at him.

“I thought we-”

“Yeah, I did too.” You cut him off before telling him what you came to realize when you woke up nearly an hour ago.“You fucking used me.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You don’t remember what you texted Michael?”

Calum’s eyebrows never parted during this whole conversation, his face showing nothing but confusion. When you unlocked and handed him his phone, it was already opened on the messages between him and one of his best mates.

“You went through my phone?”

“Michael text you something about work and I told him I’d tell you when you woke up, because I knew you wouldn’t want to talk to him at seven in the morning. I just so happened so see my name and got curious.”

“Yeah, but you-”

“Cal, it was never a problem going through your phone for three months straight. Why is it a problem because you’re in trouble?”

Calum shook his head and went to read the conversation, mentally choking himself from what was said. Of course he didn’t mean it like that, but now that you’ve seen it there’s no way your going to believe him.

Calum: I just miss her mate.
~I miss everything about her from how loud her laugh is to the way she scrunches up her nose when she sees something disgusting
~And the way she always smelled when we cuddled
~And the sex…the sex was fucking phenomenal…I miss that the most

Michael:Then go get her Calum
~I couldn’t if I wanted to
~Go apologize and fuck her, you said that works every times she’s mad
~This is different…
~I’m just telling you what you told me you do when she’s upset with you
~ You go buy her some shit, apologize, and have sex with her. Isn’t that how the ordeal works or something
~Well…I guess you’re right
~I’m always right
~I’ll try

“Y/N, I swear to you that really wasn’t my intention.” He held his hands in the air as if surrendering.“I drunk a few beers and came over to talk and it just led to something else.”

“Wasn’t that the point, though?” You spoke, your voice laced with attitude as you crossed your arms.

“No! No, I promise!” Calum seemed panicked, but you payed it no mind.

All Calum was thinking was he somewhat got you back last night only to lose you again over some stupid text that seemed worse than it actually was. He felt as if he should have the word “IDIOT” written in big bold letters across his forehead.

“I honestly missed you and it wasn’t just about the sex. I just wanted a way to feel close to you that’s why I went through with it. I thought- I thought that meant we were going to be okay.”

You heard the sadness in his voice and saw how his face softened as if he was actually hurt, but no. He shouldn’t be the one hurt, he’s the one who keeps hurting you.

“You’re just…” you laughed lightly, shaking your head in disbelief.“you’re unbelievable. Feeding me dreams just to get what you want. Do you even actually like me?”

“Yes! Of course I do! Everything is just too complicated right now, but-”

“Just go.” You interrupted, standing to show your bare body. When you saw him eyeing you and watched as he sucked his bottom lip into his mouth, you had to remember to be mad at him. “Don’t come back, Calum. Seriously.”


“Go to your fucking model girlfriend and tell her how you cheated on her with a bitch like me. See how she feels.”

You slowly began to find some lounge clothes consisting of a pair of black tights and a polka dotted shirt and ignored the fact that Calum was still sitting there on your bed. Sadly, he was still fully naked, so the multitude of thoughts that were running through your head contradicted what you initially were thinking about him. God, the things that boy did to you. He waited until you began to re-moisturize your curly mane in the mirror before he spoke again.

“Princess, I really am sorry. I didn’t mean for any of this to happen.”

“Yeah, me either.”

You heard the Māori sigh behind you and him shuffling around to unravel himself from the sheets. You watched through the mirror as he got dressed with the most defeated expression and fought the urge to let him back in. It was heartbreaking to say, but you really had to let Calum go. You refused to keep him in your life if that only meant you’d be angry and jealous twenty four seven over some white girl you didn’t even know. Some girl who snatched him from you within days and ruined what the two of you had going. You weren’t going to be bitter over a man who was never really yours. Calum wrapped his toned arms around you from behind and you stiffened, looking at him through the mirror. He had his face hidden in your hair and began to sway you from side to side, letting out another sigh, but this time in contentment and not disappointment.

“What are you doing?”

“Getting one last hug before I see you in God knows when.”

“Get off of me.”

He placed a kiss to your shoulder and mumbled out,“Bye, princess.”, and finally exiting your room.

You huffed and bent over to lean over your dresser to rest your face in your hands. Who knew catching feelings would be this complicated?

You groaned loudly as you continued to bang on your friend’s door, praying that he’d come open it. You knew he was in there due to hearing the sound of what seemed to be Adele playing somewhere in the apartment. Typical Connor.

“Dammit, Connor, open the door!” You shouted and waited a few minutes to see if he’d come to the door. When that didn’t work, you began to threatened him.“Don’t make me go to headquarters and tell them that I don’t know if you’re alive or not.”

It wouldn’t be the first time you had to check on both him and Felix for locking themselves in their apartment for days at a time. Soon enough you heard the sound of a lock turning and there stood your best friend in all of his…glory.

“What the hell?” Your eyes widened at his appearance.

You’d known this man for two years and you’ve never, not even once, caught him slipping like this. His hair was definitely in need for a cut and it seemed as if he hadn’t washed it in a weeks. His usually glowing tanned skin was now a bit pale, he had dark bags underneath his eyes, and the sparkle in his bright, sky blue eyes dimmed to a dull blue. You were pretty confident that if he could grow facial hair, he’d be sporting a full beard.

“Connor, oh my God. You just…wow.”

“I know, I look like a homeless man, shut up.”

“Okay, you’re definitely getting out of this apartment." 

“Y/N, no.”

“Connor, yes.” You used the same tone back on him as you pushed passed him to enter.

Surprisingly the nicely designed apartment was nearly spotless besides the empty pizza box and half a two liter coke sitting on the coffee table. However, the house had lost its usual smell and its comes to help you realize that it was Felix’s cologne that surrounded these walls. Connor always wore something light with a fruity scent whereas Felix wore some heavy polo cologne.

"I’m not going anywhere.”

“You haven’t left this apartment in a month.” You deadpanned.“The only time you do leave is for groceries.”

Connor didn’t say anything as he plopped into his couch. You took a seat beside him and watched as he picked at a string on shirt that you realized belong to Felix, the difference between their height causing it to be a little longer on him. You two sat in a comforting silence until he finally broke it.

“Have you seen Felix?” He asked his eyes darting away from you the second you made eye contact.

“You don’t know where he is?”

“We haven’t uh…He won’t return my calls or texts.” He shrugged.“Im actually kind of worried because if he’s with some other guys getting comforted he might not ever come back,because that’s how I met him and-”

“Connor, Felix’s been sleeping on my couch for the past month.”

“And you didn’t fucking say anything?!”

“I thought you knew!”

“Oh my fucking God, Y/N! All this time I could’ve been banging on your door trying to win him back instead of thinking he was on the other side of town or some shit!”

“All you had to do was ask.” You said as you crossed your arms.“I thought you were ignoring him on purpose.”

“Of course I’m not ignoring him. I saw Felix as my future husband, I’m not letting him go.”

You noticed the tears in his eyes and sighed, opening up your arms and gesturing for him to hug you. You knew the blonde most likely hadn’t spoke a word about the breakup to anyone and had been alone in his apartment letting it all out. He sobbed loudly on your shoulder as you rubbed comforting circles on his back.

“I miss him so fucking much.”

“He misses you too, C.”

“I wouldn’t fucking know. He’s being so bitchy about the whole thing and-and-”

“Shhh, it’s gonna be okay.” You reassured.“I’m gonna get you two back together, I don’t care how long it takes.”


“I promise.” You held out your pinky finger and Connor laughed through his tears, wrapping his pinky around yours.“So, I’m gonna talk to him and we’re definitely having a girls day tomorrow, okay? Give you time to get back to your fabulous self.”

“It’s a date.” He agreed, ruffling the curls on top of your head.

“Felix, we still need to talk!” You shouted as you made your way into your apartment, placing your purse down on the coffee table. “Felix?!”

You saw that he was missing from his usual spot on the couch and went to check the other rooms in the apartment to see if he was there or not. You told him while you were out earlier running errands that when you arrived back home, you’d have along talk about his relationship situation. You weren’t really too surprised to find out he went ghost on you tonight.

“Of course he leaves when we have to talk about Connor.” You said out loud, rolling your eyes in annoyance. As you went to enter your kitchen you stopped in your tracks after spotting several gifts on along the countertop. “The hell?”

There sat three dozen roses, a large bag, and two other boxes placed neatly on the marble isle. Your eyebrows were furrowed as you searched for a note or something regarding as to where this all came from. Your initial thought was that Felix went shopping and just so happened to buy roses since those were his favorite flowers, but you knew deep down exactly where this came from. As you finally found a small card tucked neatly in one of the roses, you couldn’t fight the smile that made its way to your face at the sight of his handwriting.

I’m sorry about what happened this morning and well I guess last night too. I don’t regret it, but I do apologize. Hope you can forgive me, princess. - Cal

You reread the note over and over again, soon allowing giggles to escape your lips. It was like you were in ninth grade with your first crush all over again. You smelled the roses and felt the softness of the petals along your fingertips. Then you suddenly felt extremely excited as you pulled the paper from the bag to reveal a new Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 and you squealed at the sight of it. How Calum remembered that you wanted this purse before everything went down, you had no idea. You even forgot that you wanted the purse. You gently placed it back into the bag before opening the larger box first which happened to be a large assortment of chocolate covered strawberries. There was another note tucked inside, but this one was computer generated letting you know it came shipped with them.

I remember you told me chocolate covered strawberries were “to die for” on our second date. Please don’t die, though :) - Cal xxx

“Idiot.” You mumbled out as you picked one up, moaning as the sweetness of the chocolate and strawberries juice filled your mouth.

You gasped as you saw that the third and last box contained a beautiful heart shaped pendant encrusted with diamonds around it. In the middle were the simple letters “C.H.” engraved in a beautiful cursive font.

“He didn’t.” You whined to yourself as you examined the necklace in disbelief.

You had always joked about getting his name on a necklace so that everyone could know you were his, but it was always all jokes to you. The necklace was cute, yet subtle. You really had to see the necklace up close to see the small letters and that’s exactly what you liked. Only you and a few people would actually know the true meaning of the necklace.

Before you could come to your senses and get over the elated feeling, you had your phone in you hand waiting for Calum to pick up his phone. Once the sound of his voice came through you grinned wider than you were before.

“It’s kinda hard to be mad at you and push you out of my life when you’re buying me gifts.”

“That’s good news, then.”

“Thank you, Cal.”

“It’s nothing, really. ” he blushed on the other side of the phone.“You deserve it after all I’ve put you through. I know it can’t make up for it, but it’s a start.”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

There was an awkward silence until Calum broke it , attempting to make conversation.“ So…whatcha doin?”

“I just got home, I guess I was gonna shower.”

“Do you think we could uh…we could talk on the phone like we used to?” He questioned nervously.

“Where’s Nicole?”

“She’s not here. Are you seriously going to always bring her up?”

“I am.” You confirmed.

“When you told me you were petty, I didn’t take you serious.”

“Oh, I bet you wish you would’ve prepared yourself then.” You flopped onto your bed and leaned back against the multiple pillows that were placed at the head of it.

“Nah.”He chuckled.”I’m pretty sure I can handle it.”


PewDiePie’s “apology” for Nazi jokes shows that he still doesn’t get it

  • Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg, the most popular and well-paid vlogger on YouTube, has finally responded being canned by Disney and YouTube Red were  over his use of Nazi imagery in several videos.
  • His statement leaves a lot to be desired.
  • In the video, titled “My Response,” Kjellberg apologizes for the offensive material — in particular, for a video in which he paid a service $5 so that two men would dance around holding a sign that read “Death to All Jews” — saying that he will use the criticism as a “learning experience.”
  • Though Kjellberg apologizes for crossing a line, he frames the severing of his contracts as an unfair “attack” from the Wall Street Journal — an issue he thinks is rooted in the media world’s fundamental misunderstanding of the YouTube community. Read more (Opinion)

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Miraculous!Sliders AU

Just hear me out

- Marinette, Adrien, Alya, and Nino find this contraption in one of the empty class rooms (Max made it)

- Alya is extremely curious as of what it is and clicks the button

- The portal is opened and they’re all kinda freaking out

- Marinette is the first to try and walk away, but she trips and falls in

- Now they’re all really freaking out, but Adrien’s alter ego kicks in and jumps after her (which leads to Alya and Nino going in too)

- They slide to a bunch of alternate universes of Paris where everything is different

- They go to one where Alt-Marinette (Alt for alternative) has the cat miraculous while Alt-Adrien has the ladybug miraculous

- Felix and Bridgette

- They meet their future kids

- They slide to one dimension, accidentally interrupting a steamy make out session between Alt-Marinette and Alt-Adrien

- Adrien and Marinette are REALLY flustered the first dimension they go to where their alt-selves are together

- Them discovering the love square over the course of several dimensions

- Sometimes the four of them will come up with crazy ways of greeting their alt-selves out of the blue just to see their reactions

- Also, some dimensions they go to could be other AUs and fanfics

- Marinette and Alt-Marinette somehow accidentally switch positions and she suddenly finds herself having to dance with/against some odd version of Chat Noir: Breakdance au.

- Marinette is clumsy enough as it is. Imagine her not knowing how to dance, but still trying.

- They run into their opposite sex selves

- Alt-Nino has a Miraculous!?: The Weight of Jade.

- Alt-Nino walks up to Marinette and Adrien, not knowing they’re from another dimension, and randomly starts talking about patrol or he asks if they could buy some soup for Wayzz while he’s busy.

- Nino and Alya walk up and everything gets really tense and awkward. Alt-Nino just stands and stares in shock

- Tikki and Plagg meeting their alt-selves

- Alya takes it upon herself to find every difference between the dimension they’re in and the dimension they’re from

- Nino just follows her around, but is secretly interested in all the different versions of himself.

- They go to one where they meet their parents when they were younger and they accidentally prevent one from meeting the other.

- Like, Marinette desperately tries to get Tom and Sabine to meet or Adrien tries to convince his mom that Gabriel isn’t that bad.

- In another, Marinette and Alya go to the bathroom at school and while they’re gone Alt-Marinette walks up to Adrien and pulls a smooth pick-up line. He isn’t all flustered and blushing like Alt-Adrien, he’s just really impressed with this version of Marinette: Pick Up and Chase.

- Because Alt-Mari doesn’t get much of a reaction, she comes up with better lines and uses them on Alt-Adrien. She’s completely unaware that these are two different people.

- Adrien pretty much makes it that much harder on Alt-Adrien

- Chat Blanc

- Adrien and Marinette begin to realize each other’s identities, but they either continuously deny it in their minds or are convinced that their other dimension selves have miraculouses

- Like, Adrien will nervously laugh and say “Marinette has the Ladybug miraculous in this one too? How weird!”

- And Marinette is just appalled because “I can understand two or three, but why is almost every Adrien Chat Noir!?”

- It’s slowly being pieced together, but they still deny it.

An AU of AUs. I don’t know if this has been done already, but it came to mind and I just had to write it down. Add on to it!
felix + kala:

· when felix finds out about kala he teases wolfie for hours. he is amazed at how his best friend blushes over this girl like he has never done over anyone before. when felix finally meets her he suddenly understands.

 · felix and kala become inseparable, the dream team.

· kala loves hearing stories of wolfgang’s childhood, the happy ones: the ones where felix and wolfie played pirates for hours and wolfgang made everything historically accurate. she laughs for hours when felix tells her about wolfgang’s first kiss and how it involved gum, a slap and hurriedly running away.  (wolfgang swears he will never forgive felix for telling kala about it but they all know that is bullshit)

· felix has bad days, very bad days when his hands shake too much and he cries in pain when he tries to take more than two steps, and he feels helpless. he never lets wolfgang near him during these days because he knows it makes wolfgang feel guilty and he hates seeing the pain and regret in his best friend’s (his brother’s) eyes. he always relies on kala, on her sweetness and her patience. she holds his hands gently until they stop shaking, she sings softly to him until he falls asleep and she always helps him with the physical therapy exercises, never pushing too hard but always firm.

· wolfgang feels his heart beat faster whenever he walk on felix and kala together, his brother and his girl, his happy past and his happy future.

A Court of Hearts and Darkness Chapter Sixteen

It’s been over a century since the epic and bloody war against Hybern, but a new, unprecedented horror lies in wait to threaten everything the Inner Circle holds dear.

At a mere 17, it seems that the only one who can save them is the Heir to the Night Court, Feyre and Rhysand’s daughter Eleana, but as a creature so vile promises to kill everyone she loves, she must combat the urge to succumb to the darkness herself. The key to success lies hidden within her mate, the bastard born Kaden, who is as oblivious to the bond as her Court is oblivious to the war on the horizon.

With the help of her cousin and warrior Felix, the son of the famed Nesta and Cassian, they will try to save everything they hold dear, hopefully before the darkness takes them all.

Link on Ao3

One  Two  Three  Four  Five  Six   Seven   Eight   Nine  Ten  Eleven  Twelve   Thirteen  Fourteen   Fifteen 


-Chapter 16-

“I’m going to find you!” Felix sang. He knew exactly where his sister was from her giggling. He knew she was behind a tree in front of him, but was just letting her think she was going to win their game of hide-and-seek. It had only been hours since he returned home from his mission to the mortal lands, and all the other members of the Elite had been dismissed. He, however, was awaiting the arrival of a certain bastard and heir and couldn’t make a public appearance until they were with him.

He’d lied to High Lady Feyre and told her that he and Eleana were going to spend some quality time with Quathryn for a few hours, but that would become longer if Eleana didn’t arrive home soon. He was a little worried about how long Laya was taking to come home from the wedding, but there were multiple explanations for it. Firstly, her and Kaden were having such a splendid time that they let time slip away from them. Unlikely, knowing how angsty the two were. The second option was that they had a fight and Eleana is blowing off steam somewhere, but if that had happened Kaden would have come to him by now. Then there was the possibility that things went so horribly with his family that they were all dead and Felix would never see his friends again.

“Come find me! Lis!” Quathryn sang back to him. Her little voice warmed his heart and made him think more realistically. Together, Kaden and Eleana were an unstoppable force – he had to believe that nothing would go wrong. He’d go insane if we worried about them as much as they warranted him to.

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datpoozi  asked:

Just pointing out that one time Bidgette asked the love guru about her romantic destiny at the romantic festival and they told her about a dark, tall stranger in the future. Ya'll thought it was Felix because of the dark clothes but in reality it always was Dom lmao

Felix is tall, Dom is dark…. this guru was the original ot3 shipper

anonymous asked:

i bet felix is super glad to be called the 3 eyed hunk. finally, attention is going back to him

We Didn’t Focus On Felix For 5 Seconds And I think That’s Pretty Fucked Up

anyways heres a completely irrelevant doodle

Scared // Felix Imagine

Originally posted by enchanted-forests

a/n: I got way too into writing this lol

Request: Where reader has too much to drink and starts hitting on Felix and he gets flustered, so the next day when she’s sober he ignores her? And fluff at the end? Xoxo!

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Felix x Reader

For the first time in what felt like decades, Pan was in a good mood. Why? Nobody knew but they sure as hell weren’t going to ask him in fear of ruining his mood. You see, when Pan’s in a good mood everyone else is in a good mood as well mainly because he takes the training easy on the Lost Boys and throws bonfires at night. And tonight he was having another one of his legendary bonfires, complete with whisky and all.

You don’t usually drink, but this was just such a rare occasion you had to accept the cup being held to you by one of your friends. 

“Thanks,“ you grinned, slowly taking a sip of the liquid and savoring the taste. God, you haven’t tasted anything like it since before you were in Neverland and you missed it desperately

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Happy birthday, Jack McBrayer! You voiced two characters I love and adore! Wander, especially, wouldn’t be who he is without your voice behind him. You took a wonderful character and brought him to life for us on screen in the sweetest, squeakiest way. I can’t image him voiced by anyone but you.

I’m also so excited to hear Clumsy Smurf voiced by you when the Smurfs movie is released to digital, and the return of Fix-it Felix next year! (And hopefully the return of Wander in the future, too!)

I wish you all the best in years to come.

@savewoy, @disneyxd

“Does this mean I have to launch into my ‘be safe’ spiel again?” James asked, giving her a shit-eating grin. Skye groaned. If only the floor could just swallow her right… now…

“Please, dad, don’t. I would rather die.”

“Ah, I remember being your age,” James chuckled.

“How did you know that you were going to be with mum forever?” Skye fiddled with her phone and tried to imagine such a future with Felix. She couldn’t, not really, and it made her wonder if they were going to stay together. She certainly wanted to…

theneurotichemist  asked:

I've never prompted someone before but I'm addicted to your fics, so here goes: Kalagang (of course), Wolfgang gets really drunk and Kala cares for him while he's trashed and during the ensuing hangover. Please?

okay wow first off the idea that someone can be addicted to my writing is like…mind-boggling for me.  thank you so much.

also damn this isn’t even a drabble anymore this got really long for no other reason than for some reason felix showed up?  so uh i hope you enjoy!  set in a vague whispersless future again because fuck whispers lol.

When Felix asks Kala to be his and Wolfgang’s designated driver that night, Kala doesn’t mind saying yes.  On the contrary, there’s a part of her that feels like this will be a chance for her to see Wolfgang in his natural habitat, so to speak.  It had taken them a long time, but they were finally free of Whispers.  Wolfgang and Felix hadn’t been out clubbing together since before BPO had taken Wolfgang, so Kala had never been with them in person.  Visiting and sharing were one thing, but she knew it would be different to be there for real.  This was one of the only things Wolfgang used to actually do for fun, so Kala wanted see it for herself.

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All the stupidity and the arbitrariness of the laws, all the pain of the initiations, the whole perverse apparatus of repression and education, the red-hot irons, and the atrocious procedures have only this meaning: to discipline man, to mark him in his flesh, to render him capable of alliance, to form him within the debtor-creditor relation, which on both sides turns out to be a matter of memory - a memory straining toward the future
—  Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, Anti-Oedipus p. 207-208

jessicanjpa  asked:

Okay now we all need to hear Felix's ideas for a vampire amusement park...?

The way Felix gets all of his ideas for his hopefully future vampire amusement park is he pretty much just jots down anything he deems cool, and manages to make it 1000x more dangerous exciting. 

Xtreme Mario Kart

  • Obviously, everyone loves Mario Karts, so it be pretty cool if you could replication a real life version, right? Felix has rigged up virtual reality pods that make you feel like you are actually racing- complete with fake wind, virtual smells, and all the fun of wiping out! He’s hoping it’ll get popular and there will be a giant Battle Royal-style competition between all the vampires in the world!

Laser Tag

  • Felix mostly Heidi has created different landscapes, such Mars, a lush Amazonian forest, and a medieval-style castle (complete with plenty of secret passage ways so you can pwn your friends) for the ultimate laser tag experience. 
  • You know how in laser tag when you get hit it just makes an annoying beep sound and your gun turns off temporarily? Yeah, instead of that Felix thinks it be way cooler if you got shocked. It give you a larger incentive to not get hit, and it makes it way cooler more realistic. O, and the suits are much study and can take plenty of damage from the ground and vampires.

Alien VR

  • Felix thinks space is awesome! Unfortunately, vampires can’t just go into space. In this simulation game, you and your coven not only get the opportunity to experience space, but fight off aliens! There are multiple roles each member of your coven can take on. One member acts as the captain of the ship and give verbal commands throughout your mission to decide how your ship will respond. Another member gets to pilot the space craft, while up to three others get to man the guns and navigation. To make sure everyone gets the full awesomeness of space, Felix set up a combination of green screens, VR headsets, and rumble features to make you feel like you are actually in space. It’s highly interactive too, allowing for you to name your ship. You can also enter everyone’s name so that the ship’s central commands can directly interact with you. 
  • There are a few different species of aliens, which all have unique abilities, weaknesses, and attack methods. This allows for each experience to be different and challenging in its own way. 

Drop Tower

  • Partially inspired by Bella’s cliff driving adventures, Felix wants to build a giant drop tower. It’s all the fun of jumping off a literal cliff without having to worry about the possibility of having to put yourself back together if you land wrong!

Volturi: Children of the Moon Attack

  • You know how Disney has that Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin shooting game, while Universal Studios has the Men in Black: Alien Attack one? Yeah, Felix plans on building his own version, where you get enlisted by the Volturi to hunt down Children of the Moon! Felix is trying really hard to sell Caius on the whole vampire theme park, but Caius doesn’t understand why he wouldn’t just literally go kill CotM with his own two hands….

Conquest of the Romanians

  • You know how Universal has that Spider-Man ride, where you are a reporter who gets mixed up in the cross firings of Spider-Man and the various super villains (who proceed to attack your poor, defenseless reporter car)? Felix’s 4-D ride allows vampires to experience the war against the Romanians. Not only is it possible slightly exaggerated educational, but it’s awesome because there are cute little cameos of some of his friends using their cool vampire superpowers! Although Stefan and Vladimir would be less than thrilled to hear about this if it was ever built though. 

Fire-Containing Roller Coasters

  • So, roller coasters are really fun to humans because they play on our fears of heights/falling/etc. Felix decided to utilize the ultimate vampire fear to make his roller-coasters even better: he added flamethrowers. I mean, sure there may be a vampire or two that accidentally gets set on fire, but the high speed of the roller coaster will put them out. So it’s all fun, right?

River Rapids

  • Nothing says fun like falling down a literal waterfall! Plus, there are fire hoses water guns set up throughout the river rapids so that you can hit your friends in the face as they go by because what are friends for.

O, and of course there will be plenty of blood vampire friendly beverages for sale too!