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Chapter 16 made me sob right along with Elena 😭😭😭 I feel so bad for Kaden. I know it's not the real reason Az didn't want to tell him, but everyone else thinks so. And now Elena and Felix won't trust Az anytime in the near future and good God the amount of angst that's going to come out of this, I'm not sure my poor hear can take it. But regardless of my heart, this chapter was absolutely beautiful and I loved how we got fluff in other side relationships. I hope work is going well! Thanks!!!!

Thank you so much!

Don’t worry, I cry for them all the time. I’ve never cried for Kaden before I wrote 16, but there’s this one other character where I cry every time I think about what I’m going to do to them and ugh I understand the feels. Can you just picture how Eleana would’v wanted to tell Az about the Room? And now she won’t feel comfortable enough to?  

And like I needed pregnant Nesta in my life. Like I need it to survive. 

And work is good fam! Uni is cool too. Super random, but I’m psyched and feel like sharing, but I’ve started applying to study at other uni’s and I’m going to go to New York City and France over the next two years! Whoo! 

    okay,  so  as  most  of  you  know  by  now,  i  put  the  rest  of  my  accounts  on  indefinite  hiatus,  this  one  excluded.   I  AM  NOT  LEAVING  FELIX.   i  could  never.   but,  for  now  &  for  the  unforeseen  future,  he  is  gonna  be  my  only  blog.   i’d  say  he’s  going  low  activity  but  if  he’s  going  low  activity  wha t  was  he  before  i  mean  really  lmao  ???  anyway,  weirdly  enough,  i  think  leaving  my  other  blogs  may  actually  boost  his  muse  but  i’m  not  making  any  promises.   i’ve  built  rp  up  to  be  this  important  job-like  thing  in  my  mind  &  i  wanna  get  back  to  actually  enjoying  writing,  so  activity  will  flex.   if  that’s  not  your  style,  i  totally  understand  –––  feel  free  to  unfollow  !   i  won’t  be  offended.

Scare PewDiePie

Yep. I agree with Felix, I really hope in the future that when the whole thing blows over, Scare PewDiePie will come out. Because I know I’m pissed. Felix is pissed. Everyone who worked on it is probably pissed. A lot of time and effort went into that fucking show, and we saw how stressed Felix was. I think that we need to just let the whole Nazi Jew thing blow over. And let Scare PewDiePie 2 BE A FUCKING THING.

At least we got one good thing from the Jew video…

Jackspedicey2 was born…

Miraculous!Sliders AU

Just hear me out

- Marinette, Adrien, Alya, and Nino find this contraption in one of the empty class rooms (Max made it)

- Alya is extremely curious as of what it is and clicks the button

- The portal is opened and they’re all kinda freaking out

- Marinette is the first to try and walk away, but she trips and falls in

- Now they’re all really freaking out, but Adrien’s alter ego kicks in and jumps after her (which leads to Alya and Nino going in too)

- They slide to a bunch of alternate universes of Paris where everything is different

- They go to one where Alt-Marinette (Alt for alternative) has the cat miraculous while Alt-Adrien has the ladybug miraculous

- Felix and Bridgette

- They meet their future kids

- They slide to one dimension, accidentally interrupting a steamy make out session between Alt-Marinette and Alt-Adrien

- Adrien and Marinette are REALLY flustered the first dimension they go to where their alt-selves are together

- Them discovering the love square over the course of several dimensions

- Sometimes the four of them will come up with crazy ways of greeting their alt-selves out of the blue just to see their reactions

- Also, some dimensions they go to could be other AUs and fanfics

- Marinette and Alt-Marinette somehow accidentally switch positions and she suddenly finds herself having to dance with/against some odd version of Chat Noir: Breakdance au.

- Marinette is clumsy enough as it is. Imagine her not knowing how to dance, but still trying.

- They run into their opposite sex selves

- Alt-Nino has a Miraculous!?: The Weight of Jade.

- Alt-Nino walks up to Marinette and Adrien, not knowing they’re from another dimension, and randomly starts talking about patrol or he asks if they could buy some soup for Wayzz while he’s busy.

- Nino and Alya walk up and everything gets really tense and awkward. Alt-Nino just stands and stares in shock

- Tikki and Plagg meeting their alt-selves

- Alya takes it upon herself to find every difference between the dimension they’re in and the dimension they’re from

- Nino just follows her around, but is secretly interested in all the different versions of himself.

- They go to one where they meet their parents when they were younger and they accidentally prevent one from meeting the other.

- Like, Marinette desperately tries to get Tom and Sabine to meet or Adrien tries to convince his mom that Gabriel isn’t that bad.

- In another, Marinette and Alya go to the bathroom at school and while they’re gone Alt-Marinette walks up to Adrien and pulls a smooth pick-up line. He isn’t all flustered and blushing like Alt-Adrien, he’s just really impressed with this version of Marinette: Pick Up and Chase.

- Because Alt-Mari doesn’t get much of a reaction, she comes up with better lines and uses them on Alt-Adrien. She’s completely unaware that these are two different people.

- Adrien pretty much makes it that much harder on Alt-Adrien

- Chat Blanc

- Adrien and Marinette begin to realize each other’s identities, but they either continuously deny it in their minds or are convinced that their other dimension selves have miraculouses

- Like, Adrien will nervously laugh and say “Marinette has the Ladybug miraculous in this one too? How weird!”

- And Marinette is just appalled because “I can understand two or three, but why is almost every Adrien Chat Noir!?”

- It’s slowly being pieced together, but they still deny it.

An AU of AUs. I don’t know if this has been done already, but it came to mind and I just had to write it down. Add on to it!

“I’m curious about the gold bracelet Danish princesses are wearing. It all started with Princess Margareta of Sweden, then it passed to Queen Ingrid, Queen Margrethe, and now Isabella and Josephine (Athena will wear it when she turns 5). But I wonder if Christian, Vincent, Nikolai, Felix and Henrik have daughters in the future, will their daughters receive a similar gold bracelet, or something different? Because the bracelet will only pass to Isabella, Josephine, and Athena’s families.” - Submitted by Anonymous