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i’m not gunna stop supporting pewdiepie because the media slapped some labels on him
i’m not gunna stop supporting pewdiepie because the media is taking his actions and words completely out of context
i’m not gunna stop supporting pewdiepie because the media is out to get him.

I’m going to continue supporting pewdiepie because he is not racist, anti-Semitic, or a fascist
i’m going to continue supporting pewdiepie because he apologized for his wrongdoings
i’m going to continue supporting pewdiepie because he’s more than “pewdiepie”
he’s a human being
he’s Felix Kjellberg

he makes mistakes
he overdoes things
he isn’t perfect

Stop pretending like just because he’s “famous” means he has to be this perfect robot that everyone can look up to, he’s trying his fucking hardest and he’s going to make mistakes, everyone does.

Does anyone know why Felix hasn't uploaded today or yesterday?

Okay, I’m a bit more worried about Felix than I am Jack now, because Jack is still uploading on his usual schedule, and Felix usually uploads one a day, right? But his last video was Saturday I believe, and he hasn’t uploaded a video since.
I’m actually scared.

Made this to show that i support all 3 of them no matter what 💜💚❤
@markiplier thank you for making the video ‘Respect’ because i love how you explained and expressed your way of respect ❤
@therealjacksepticeye ik a lot of ppl are now hating on you for your video, and most people are calling you a 'backstabber’ but im not one of those people, i am ok on what your opinions are 💚
Felix, im so glad that your still making videos and you are still with us, im just so happy that you are still gonna keep going and make us happy 💙

As someone who’s stood with @markiplier.
A guy who’s helped me through plenty of shitty times, I’m absolutely livid with his recent video, his thoughts on the situation regarding Felix.
Respect is received, not automatically given, not everyone is instantly worthy of respect.
Saying Felix deserves respect because he’s human totally disregards the situation, making it easier for him not to fix his shitty actions, Felix deserves what he puts out, the bare minimum.
Felix himself, won’t even properly address his comments, he steps around them, and puts pity towards himself, seeing any form of criticism as an attack.
Mark’s comments disregard everything, just because Felix is a friend, drop the shitty tough-guy act and let Felix handle the situation himself, let him properly apologize, screaming into a camera about the concept of respect is just as hateful as Felix’s comments, disregarding actual fact to focus on anything but his actions.
And in return, any criticism Mark revives is brushed off, overused, and he constantly avoids the actual question to further reiterate the same shitty point. Fucking trash, man.


This drama in the Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, and Pewdiepie communities is getting ridiculous. These communities are supposed to be a place where we can come and get away from all the negative things going on in our lives. It used to be a place full of positivity and happiness and support for one another, but now it seems it’s all about calling each other names, all because we have different opinions. What Felix did was bad. What Jack said is his opinion, and I feel like people made him feel so bad about his opinion, that he regrets it now. Which disgusts me. And I don’t even know what people are saying about Mark, and frankly, I don’t want to know. Because all of this drama is ridiculous. I can’t even go into Jack’s comment section, without seeing a lot of people calling him really bad things, some people even attacking each other! I hope with all of my heart that we can move past this, and get back to having fun again. Because that’s what these communities are supposed to be, fun, happy, positive, and escaping reality for a little while, just to forget all the negativity around us. Not to poison it with that negativity. I believe we can make these communities a positive place again, as long we just drop all of this stupid, pointless, drama.

What’s happening:
Felix: *makes really big mistake* holy shit I’m so sorry
The community: Racist! Bigot! Nazi!

What should have happened:
Felix: *makes really big mistake* holy shit I’m so sorry
The community: ya really fucked up there didn’t ya
Felix: yep
The community: you’re not really antisemitic or anything though, right?
Felix: of course not
The community: okay cool just don’t do it again it was really hurtful and offensive to a lot of us
Felix: I know, I’m sorry. It went too far.
The community: its cool, just think about what you’re saying next time ok
Felix: ok

(An interpretation of what @markiplier is trying to teach us)

Disney dumps PewDiePie over anti-Semitism

  • Disney has cut ties with Swedish YouTube mega star Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie. Kjellberg has 53 million subscribers.
  • The split came after he posted a series of videos that contained anti-Semitic images, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.
  • Disney’s decision to part ways came after the Journal reached out to Disney to inquire about nine troubling clips from Kjellberg’s videos dating back to August 2016.
  • The Journal noted that in one since-removed video, Kjellberg shows a man dressed as Jesus and saying “Hitler did absolutely nothing wrong.”
  • But it’s the video wherein Kjellberg hired two Indian men to hold up a sign that reads “Death to all Jews” that reportedly prompted Disney to pull the plug. Read more (2/14/17 10 AM)

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say what you want about pewdiepie, but he’s an insanely intelligent and good guy. he helps small youtubers by promoting them and playing with them. he does charities all the time. he makes great business deals and uses them for charity needs as well. now he’s talking to youtube about the recent changes because it’s hurting youtubers. and he does a lot of this quietly, and produces content every day irregardless. plus he’s just a likable, brutally honest guy. I admire him a lot.