Bee Miraculous Theory

I was looking at the tweet from Thomas Astuc about the concept art for the Bee Miraculous holder, and yes, it does look a lot like Chole.

But he also said that it was interesting concept art “like Felix”, a character who eventually became Adrian.

So what if Chole was originally going to bee the newest miraculous holder, but they decided another character would be a better fit? I mean, Chole’s personality is kind of set in stone, we know the kind of person she is. Wouldn’t the Bee Miraculous be better used on a character we know very little about?

A blonde hair, blue eyed, classmate that we know little about…. Who could it be?

Why Rose of course! After all, bees are attracted to roses….

Just saying


I’ll do anything to protect my little brother!

My sad Brothers!AU where Felix was the first Chat Noir and passed on his ring to his younger brother, Adrien, after he died.

Second and third image is of the duo in the past and present. Ladybug started crime fighting before Adrien and was originally partners with Felix. Two years later, Ladybug was introduced to the new Chat Noir.

I imagine Felix to be around 3-4 years older than Adrien since the anime trailer came out 3 years before the 3D show

Bye bye, petit papillon. 

I just spent three hours listening to this on repeat.

In celebration of the finale (again), I give you the two that started it all (at least for me!): Felix and 2D Marinette that in my head I call Juliette.

Concerning Felix; he doesn’t need to belong to the existing story, and he shouldn’t. But that doesn’t mean we can’t imagine whatever AU we want for him. In fact, I think its whats best about him being cut. We can borrow him and spin whatever tale we want about him without restraint. 

Story telling is the most beautiful thing in this world. Its what breathes life, hope and wonder in our hearts. Its the art of inspiring others, of lighting up their inner flame, so they can go on and do the same in other, and more amazing ways. Stories connect us, and shape us, and feed our souls. They make us dream, and we should never stop dreaming. The creators of Ladybug will tell us their story, and you tell yours. :’)