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Things I want in season 3

Thing that I need to see in the next season:
• Kala and Wolfgang reunion
• Amanita and Nomi wedding.
• Lito telling about the sensates to Hernando and Daniella.
• The group meeting physically.
• The group meeting Felix and telling him that Wolfie needs him.
• Sun kicking ass (Lila’s especially)
• Kala blowing things up.
• Will going back to Chicago and his reunion with Diego.
• Riley and his father.
• Kala telling the truth to his family and finally leaving Rajan.
• Whisper’s dead.
• Jonas telling the truth, for once.
• Amanita kicking ass.
• Bug being Bug.
• Amanita and Sun meeting.
• Capheus telling the truth to his family.
• Kala and Wolfgang being together and happy in Paris.