barenakedlife replied to your photo: It’s that time! New shoe time!

It makes me so happy on the inside that your socks don’t match. :)

Baha… I wondered if anyone would notice that. I don’t match up my socks after washing them. They all just go mish-mash in a drawer so I very rarely end up with a matching set. I’m surprised I actually had two of the same brand on, to be honest. 

felisrufus replied to your photo: It’s that time! New shoe time!

Are those Superfeet I see?

Yep! :) HOORAY for superfeet! They make my arches happy. 

felisrufus replied to your post: What size clothes do you wear?

I know you suffer the same height curse/blessing that I do; do you have to find brands that sell bottoms in long or extra long inseams so you don’t look like you’re wearing flood pants?

Okay, I’m about to sound REAL VAPID UP IN HERE SO GET READY (and please don’t judge me).

I do not buy cheap jeans. They never fit right– too short for my legs, too tight in the thighs, loose around the waist, saggy in awkward places. It’s like a $20 pair of  jeans just doesn’t work for my bodacious bottom half. So… when I buy jeans, I tend to spend a fair amount of cash on them. I don’t feel bad about it though, because I will literally buy 1 or MAYBE 2 pairs of jeans and then wear them for a year or more. I mean… they’re jeans. You can do that, right? No one ever comments on the fact that 9/10 times they see me I’m wearing the same pants so I think I’m safe :)

My favorite brands are Big Star, BKE, and Miss Me (the ones WITHOUT all the cray-cray butt bling though).

All that said, I’ve been wearing the SAME pair of spandex-y American Eagle skinny jeans– hand me downs from my mom– for months now because I’m scared to go buy pants that won’t fit in a few months. I wear them everywhere. Only pair of pants I own right now.