With another year coming to a close, i want to say a massive thank you to all my beautiful followers (and anyone that has visited my blog) for the past year. There have been ups and downs, but everyone on the most part has been amazing ♡. I hope everyone has the best Christmas and New Year if you celebrate it and if not have an amazing few days! I just want to give a shout out to all of the blogs that I am loving at the moment and the ones that have been super nice, I have no idea if we’re mutuals or not but I want to spread some christmas cheer 🎄 

The sweetest cupcakes out: @queenletiziaofspain, @ofprincessesandqueens, @anythingandeverythingroyals, @misshonoriaglossop, @being-a-royal@spanish-royals, @marymcmagic-hair, @xgmara

(in no particular order): @middletonandmarkle, @catherineandmeghans, @gabriellademonaco, @crownprincesses, @duchesscambridges@pogglepoppy, @flowerwreaththings, @queensofias, @royal-hair, @onemoreblogaboutroyals,  @maddeoneills, @hrhbekarie, @lilyaroyalfan@ourladyoftheoak, @thepomegranatequeen, @luxembourgroyals, @thecambridgees,@dailyscands, @princess-ingridalexandra, @felipenavidad, , @theroyalfamilywcgc, @royalrumormonger, @europesroyals, @addictedtoroyals, @theirroyalhighness

I feel like i’ve definitely forgotten a few people lmao but i think you will know who you are (i hope you do anyway), Have a great few days and stay safe. Thanks again for all the fun, and here’s to 2018, I love you all xxx

Starting this New Year with a Follow Forever

- It feels like I haven’t done one for years. -

My blog will celebrate the 5th birthday in 2018!!!! I can’t believe that I am here for so long!!! Looking back, I’ve made some amazing friends and -of course- I’ve been through some trouble (drama, baby, drama). All in all it’s just been amazing! Coming here is almost like coming home. Sadly -while look through some old messages and follow forevers- I saw that a few blogs are inactive - sometimes even for more than 2 years…-. But you can still see them in my Follow Forever (by the way: I hope you’re doing well!!). 

Furthermore in my Follow Forever there are some people,I haven’t talked to for ages, even though we were pretty close. I wish it would be still this way and some things never happened. 

While doing my Follow Forever, I remembered some very funny events, which happend at the Royal Fandom (Is those stuff still happening here?). Just some notes: fashion police, royal tumblr families, fandom weddings

Sadly due to a lack of time I’m not that active anymore but I am very thankful for all of those who still are!! 

Love you all!



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