“Mmmh… he’s wiggling that little ass of his again. Stretching, getting into position. God, don’t stare, don’t stare, he’ll think you’re some sort of a hulking creep. But it is hard to believe such a skinny little man can get a butt as nice as this. Just wanna walk over… grab it… push him against the wall. He wouldn’t stand a change against me anyway. He’s like half my size – maybe less. Mmmh… I’ll press my pecs against his head. I’ll do in front of the mirrors, so he can see me behind him. I’ll whisper into his ear, all the things I wanna do to him in the shower. Yeah. Shit – he’s looking over here! Smile, just smile, you’re doing nothing wrong. See, he’s smiling back. Grinning even. Why, wha– oh. Have I been playing with my nipples all this time?”