Happy #NickAnimation25!!

Pig and Goat are sharing some pickle-time with CatDog! Party on, brosefs!

On April 4th, 1998 we were introduced to Felinius “Cat” Catticus and Caninius “Dog” Lupucus Familiarricus, the conjoined brothers better known as CatDog! They continued the awesome legacy of Nickelodeon Animation that began with Doug, Rugrats and Ren & Stimpy  seven years earlier.

Today we continue celebrating 25 years of creator-driven, kid-inspired, original Nickelodeon animation and all the amazingly talented people that made it all happen!

Thank you all for being such an important part of our past, present and future!!
(Artwork by Dustin D'Arnault and @mymallorygallery)

To Bell a Cat || Closed, AU

They had given Calixto a cup of coffee, which he thought was pretty nice of them. They’d offered milk and sugar but he preferred it black anyway. He held the styrofoam cup tight as he waited, tail curled around himself.

It was the not knowing that would drive him crazy, he thought. The time he’d spent with the old Master hadn’t been nice, but since he’d turned fourteen and had first been sold from the house where he and the other stray Feliniuses had stayed, it had been all he’d known. There were bad things, but at least he knew what to expect. He knew what it meant when Master would come back with a friend, or how to interpret the different looks in his eye. And they weren’t usually good but they were predictable.

Not like now. Since he’d been taken with Master’s other property, people had been kind to him, but the not knowing had set him on edge. For all he knew, he’d end up somewhere worse. And being older, and a male, and not a show cat, or not even that pretty- he probably would end up somewhere worse.

He worried the edges of the cup, ears flicking nervously at the slightest noise. He knew people bought Feliniuses for lots of things. House work, or to be a nanny. But those were usually younger, and females- families just seemed more comfortable with a female Felinius around their children. He still held out hope that maybe he’d get bought by one of those rich young women who thought it was trendy to have a Felinus to carry their bags as they went shopping. He’d seen a few in the crowd as he’d been up on the auction stage and while he’d been too nervous to make eye contact, he hoped that one of them had taken a liking to him.

But he’d seen other people and that was what made him nervous. For all of the not knowing, the worst part was the hope. After twelve years, he’d been granted a little bit of hope that he might go to a different sort of home. No more pills. No more being in cuffs for days at a time. But he tried to keep himself realistic, yet he still knew that when he inevitably went back with someone just like Master, the smothering of that little bit of hope would kill him.

His sharp teeth punctured the styrofoam around the lip of the empty cuff. He’d be ok. He always was. He’d learned. He was smart. He had learned to adapt to Master’s rules, and he’d learn his new Master’s rules as well.

One of the office women saw him toying with his empty cup and asked if he wanted some more coffee. He didn’t think the caffeine would help his nerves, but he said yes because the hot, bitter drink at least gave him something else to focus on as he waited for his fate.