felines tw

cat was treated rudely !

this morning i, cat, was storving to death after 3 hours of empty food bowl. human finally get out of bed and i think she going to feed me. she take cat food dish and wash in sink and then put on floor. i run to dish for eat at last but dish still EMPTY! human not put food in bowl for five MINUTES while she do nothing but drink disgust coffee!

almost died. was very disrespect to all feline kind

If my followers are harassing and telling the user who blows smoke in her cats faces to kill herself, UN FUCKING FOLLOW ME.

Sending her violent messages, or threatening her is NOT ok and you should be ashamed of yourselves. And using sexist, ableist slurs isn’t fucking helpful.

Yeah, she fucked up. Yeah, she’s being a turd. And yes, what she is doing is really fucking wrong. But that does not give you the right to harass her like this. Holy shit.


A young grant’s zebra is chased by one of the cheetahs that roam the area, but a mere second or two, the mother zebra comes to the rescue, placing herself between her foal and the attacking cheetah, sending powerful kicks to the side. The cheetah realizes any further attack would be futile and gives up. Masai Mara, Kenya, Africa.

photos by Tomas Fjetland