feline informant

Typical Feralheart Warrior Cats, a plentiful species usually found in Fluorite Plains.
This is Hatestar and Buttleaf, two warrior cats from DarknessPainClan, a traveling band of cats that make it their mission to forcefully attack everyone and everything in Feralheart for no reason, even though they claim not to. The leader uses basic choppy wolfspeak to look leadery, but he just referred to his nose as a “clitoris”, so goodluck with that. Buttleaf is a sad medic that is forever in heat, besides “having eyes for no male” when she’s actually literally staring at every single male in the clan… Especially Hatestar. Upon getting pregnant, she will give birth instantly because a Warrior Cat’s gestation period is like, two seconds.
Use these two beautiful felines as informative examples! Hopefully they will help you understand/run away screaming from these lovely creatures.