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Oh man I'm really glad I found this blog. I've been meaning to find somewhere to learn more about dog behavior and training to prepare to own my own pup in the future (we're talking a good maybe 3-4 years before I get my own besides my two family dogs/when I move out to properly care for my own) and I wanted to be somewhat more knowledgable in caring more for our canine friends. But I do have one question. Do you know any good feline blogs that deal with feline behavior and such? o:

I’m really glad you’re enjoying my blog and researching for your future pup.

Unfortunately, I don’t know any blogs for cat care or behaviour. I could try digging up resources for you if you’re looking for something in particular like body language, aggression, or training? In general, training and behaviour modification principles are the same between all species. What motivates the animal, offered behaviours, and what training techniques can be applied are what change between species. (For example, cats are extremely difficult to lure and don’t respond to body pressure like dogs; so shaping and capturing are mandatory.)

Does anyone have any suggestions on good cat behaviour blogs?