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“Plagg? Marinette said you wanted to see me?” Tikki paused at the hatch leading up to Marinette’s balcony and frowned when there was no answer. Deciding that the silence was too innocent, she phased through and floated up. “Honestly, if this is another one of yours and Trixx’s pranks, you silly cat-”

Tikki trailed off, eyes going wide as her breath caught in her throat. All of the strung lights on the balcony had been plugged in, and were added to by about half a dozen tealight candles flickering gently from where they were scattered around the balcony. One was resting on the small table, along with two larger objects. Tikki floated closer, then gasped and covered her mouth with her tiny hands at finding two cupcake-sized cheesecakes resting on tiny plates.

A form only slightly larger than her own and covered in dark, velvet fur pressed against her side, cheek rubbing against her own in feline affection. “I knew you’d like it. It’s been a while since we’ve celebrated our anniversary, and, well…” Plagg fidgitted, and Tikki couldn’t help a delighted giggle as she hugged him tightly.

The other kwami were convinced that Plagg didn’t have a romantic bone in his body. Tikki knew better.

Plagg squeaked, then hugged her back just as tightly before breaking away. “Come on, before the cheesecakes go bad. Marinette found a recipe called ‘death by chocolate’ for yours.” He shook his head in amusement. “I know how you love your chocolate.”

Tikki gave a small laugh, diving in for another hug. Yes, she loved chocolate, but she loved her grumpy, sweet other half far more.

@academicianzex said:

“wait how do you catgirl?”


My first reflex was to say “ask any trans girl”. But then I realized *I’m* any trans girl. Well. I’m at least any trans.

So if you want to be a catgirl ( and not a p-cat*, the concept in philosophy which are often called catgirls; to become a p-cat* irl, you would need something like a lobotomy and a reward mechanism tying you to a human ) the first step is to be a girl. Um, but if you aren’t a girl, I guess you can be a catgirl anyway if you want. But uh you can also be a catboy too. Such things exist.

Moving on, so you’ve decided to continue on your catgirl journey! The next steps are probably applicable to all types of np-cat*s ( that’s short for “non-philosophical cat{ girl, boy, enby }s” who are, amusing, more philosophical on average than p-cat*s ). B-but since catgirls were asked about a-a-and I don’t want to get caught up in the terminology, I’ll use the word “catgirl” and she/her/hers pronouns.

S-s-s-so, the second thing that you need on your catgirl transformation is a bit of a feline affect ( FA ). The ability to mew, meow, nya~, prrum, prrr, and nyan an useful skill to cultivate, though you can be a catgirl without it! Another important asepect of FA is the ability to curl, be pet, snuggle, hug, paw at things, and bop your head against things. Non-verbal communications of and requests for affection are HUGELY important to radiate cuteness and inspire a will to protect ( WtP ) you in other people.


IRL CATGIRLS OF ANIME EXTRACTION ARE DIFFERENT. Many members of this species of catgirl seek to emulate the cuteness of *anime* catgirls. FA is important, but the type of FA here is done with a large goal of *cuteness* in mind.

Things like eating out of a pet bowl or walking about on all fours or being led on a leash, while important to many people and practiced by catgirls, isn’t central to being an irl *anime* catgirl.

Being a cat is important and fun here, but catgirls aren’t purely role-playing as cats. Catness is sometimes an end goal but often instrumental. Our catgirls are different.


0.0 -( Oh, hi again. )
^~^ -( Back to the presentation… )

[ click ]

T-t-t-t-the third thing to consider on your catgirl journey is how you look. Depending on where you are and where you’d like to be, you may find the following accessories helpful to being a catgirl:

(1) cat ears [ SO CUTE! ]
(2) a clip-on cat tail [ SWISH SWISH ]
(3) estradiol [ SO SOFT! ]*
(4) antiandrogens [ LOW BP ]*
(5) stripy socks [ ADORABLE ]
(6) a pen to draw on whiskers [ A++ ]
(7) a skirt [ SWISH SWISH ( REPRISE ) ]
(8) soft, loose clothing [ LIKE PAJAMAS ]
(9) a ball of yarn [ BAT BAT ]

( Not that I need to say this, but my lawyers will yell at me if I don’t. Make sure to research all things with a * next to them before obtaining. If you don’t, they will likely have **unanticipated** side-effects that you might not like. )

[ ptsheew ]

I-i-i-i-i-i think that about wraps up the presentation on How Do You Catgirl 101. The fundamentals are:

(1) Be a girl ( or not )
(2) Practice cute feline affect for giving and receiving affection also being a cat in general
(3) Use accessories to become more adorable and cat-like ( or walk around naked which is very feline )

If you do one thing from (1), two from (2), and own or want to own two items from (3), you can safely say that you are a catgirl. If you do two from (1) you can safely claim the title of “gender prodigy” or um “bigender”. [ The specific examples may be incomplete. (1), (2), and (3) refer to the reference classes. If you find two acts that give you kitty feelings that aren’t on the list, this satisfies (2). ]

Anyway, not to construct the Sole Gates of Catgirldom. There are many ways in, this is one of them.


Thorin Oakenshield will never admit to this but he’s secretly thankful to Radagast for turning him into a cat.  Thus, the Daffy Olde Coote regularly gets a supply of Hamfast Gamgee’s Best Apple Cider and a good barrel of Longbottom Leaf. 

Occasionally, there are those poor fools who mistake the King Under the Mountain for a particularly magnificent and majestic moggy and try, horror of horrors, to pet him.  Unless your name is Bilbo Baggins, the above expression and a warning growl is what you’re going to get. 

Of course, some people (read:  Mirkwood Elves named Thranduil) don’t get the warning - they just get scratched. 

Legolas Greenleaf adores cats but even he had the sense to take heed when confronted with the Majestic and Magnificent Moggy Under the Mountain.  Unknowing of the cat’s true identity, the Elf Prince, who was a bit under the influence of a combination of very strong Dorwinion wine and mead from Rohan, he’d sat down and mournfully confided to his feline companion his deep affections for one Gimli, son of Gloin.  

Afterwards, the Consort of Erebor was quite startled to have his beloved husband - still in cat form - flee towards him and attempt to hide in his shirt.  His best shirt, mind.  Bilbo eventually coaxed Thorin out of his shirt, got his ridiculous Dwarf to assume his proper form and ask whatever was the matter.

Thorin eventually told him. 

The worst part was that Thorin was now entirely convinced of Legolas’ good intentions.

He got over it, eventually.

That meant it was Thorin, as one reigning monarch to another, who finally talked to a Certain Elven Lady that he’d not spoken to in ages (considering Reincarnations and the Fact that Thorin was carefully not acknowledging a Name he was supposed to have taken on - nope nope nope).  Galadriel was kind enough not to tell her dear friend I told you so and interrupted his grumpy rambling to tell him, “Thorin dear, of course I’ll be happy to bless Gimli and Legolas at their wedding!”  

*** end ***

My headcanons are MERGING.  OMG.  MERGING. 

For bead-bead (who I hope will feel better soon) and determamfidd. 


놀자 고양아 — Playcat, Idae

A lovey little cat cafe nestled near the front gate of Ewha Womans University. The cats here are amongst the friendliest I’ve seen, and rushed up to greet us as soon as we walked through the doors. Every time I sat down, a cat managed to find its way into my lap and start purring away~.

After chatting with the owner, I was sad to find out that the cafe is actually closing next month. (;-;) The resident kitties are all in need of loving homes, so if there’s one that catches your eye, the owner says he’ll be adopting them out for free. Consider giving one of these beauties a home, or at least stopping by to get a dose of feline affection before it disappears! 7,000원 on weekdays, 8,000원 on weekends (+beverage.)

In Which They Get a Cat

Kudos to @lenny9987 for inspiring this one! (And apologies for my butchering Jamie’s dialect)

They were a safe, happy little family - Faith, Brianna, and William - living at Lallybroch with Jenny and Ian’s ever-growing brood. Jamie thought they had everything they could ever want. That was, until one morning when he woke to Claire’s thoughtful smile beside him.

“Ha'penny for ye thoughts, Sassenach?”

“I was thinking about pets in my time.”

“Oh?” He turned on his side, facing her, taking her hand in his to lightly trace the lines of her palm. She stifled a giggle - she was so ticklish - but continued.

“When I was growing up with my Uncle, we travelled too much to have a dog or a cat. And I never really wanted one. I was always afraid I would kill it or some other nonsense such young girls think,” she paused, looking away. Her eyes lingered on the small bed in the corner of their room. “But I’ve managed to not kill any of our children yet, so I suppose I can be trusted.”

“Aye, Sassenach. I canna imagine you killing an innocent creature…” Jamie had an idea where this was going. Faith had been asking him almost daily if she could play with the barn cats. Knowing she would end up with more scratches than cuddles, Jamie had always tried to say no. Not that he had much luck denying the daughter he almost lost. Brianna may have been her mother’s girl, but Faith was all Jamie’s.

“I think we should get a cat. Maybe a kitten. Teach the children some responsibility and I’d have a bed warmer when you’re gone.”

And that was how, four months later, after returning from a hunting party, Jamie found his wife lying on the floor, cooing at a calico tabby cat the girls had named “Gingersnap.” “Aren’t you a beautiful girl? So soft, and so well loved! Nothing is ever going to happen to you. You’re mine and I love you so much. I didn’t think I could love you as much as I do.”

Jamie chuckled, watching the scene. Claire jumped up, bumping her head on the bedframe in the process. “Oww.”

“So, I’m now relegated to second place? Behind a cat?” Jamie teased, hands on his hips.

“Well, Gingersnap does make such lovely noises when you pet her.”

A raised eyebrow, “I could say the same about you, Sassenach.”

“And she always keeps me warm when you’re gone.”

“And I do when I’m here.”


“No, you ken the rules. It’s the girl’s cat, and only your’s when I’m not here.” He went to rub her head where she had bumped it. “Now, do I need to show you how very much I love ye? So I don’t havva compete with a feline for your affection?”

Claire smiled. “Always.” And before they tumbled to bed, they kicked Gingersnap out of their room. The cat cried with some effort at being shut out and neglected.

“Did you get kicked out again?” Faith asked, scooping up the furball. “It happens to us all. Dontcha worry.” The young girl smiled. “Maybe they’re making William another brother.”