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No One Else

Prompt/Request: ‘’could you do a imagine that pansy is trying to get in the middle of the relationship the reader has with draco?’’ - Anonymous.

Pairing: Draco Malfoy + Reader / Y/N.
Word Count: 985.
Warning(s): Slight fluff.
Note: Hope you like it. :) Named the cat Feline because felines are beautiful creatures. BYE.

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There you sat, at the Hogwarts Express, which left from platform 9¾. It was always an adventure, such a long train trip but it was worth it. You would spend yet another year at Hogwarts, this time entering the sixth year together with all the other students from your grade.

First you sat alone in the train compartment, reading one of your favourite books until the door opened and closed.

‘Hey babe,’ you heard, making you look up to the voice as you faced Draco. His hair was this time not slicked back, but more to the side as one hair fell down in front of his eyes. You smiled and laid your hand on his shoulder when he sat down next to you.

‘Hey,’ was you respond as you kissed him on the lips, him answering back slightly. He cupped your cheeks too before pulling back again, you both smiling at each other as you went back to your book again.

After half an hour of talking with Draco while you were reading, the door opened to reveal Pansy, who sat next to Draco on the other side.

‘Hey Draky,’ she cooed like she did not see a thing. Which she did, but she just tried to act like she did not. Your eyes widened, trying to find the eyes of Draco, but all he had eyes for now was Pansy and her snobby character.

‘Draky?’ you asked with a hint of disgust in your voice, making Draco look at you as Pansy had her hands on his right shoulder together with her head. Was she just trying to flirt with him right in front of his own girlfriend?

‘Y/N, I don’t know what’s going on eit-’

‘I’ll leave you two alone,’ you say with furrowed eyes, confusing evident on your face as you left the train compartment, trying to get rid of the image of Pansy and Draco flirting.

Well, this train trip wouldn’t be that much fun may it seem.


It was a couple of hours later, everyone had already arrived at Hogwarts and every single stomach was filled with a delicious dinner. You sat at the very end of the table, as far as possible from Draco and Pansy, who was still flirting with him.

It was a disgusting sight and when Draco noticed you were looking, you looked away from his intense stare that was burning on your body.

But now, you were in search for Feline, your Hogwarts pet and cat, as she escaped from your room. You first heard about her when people told you they saw her walking through the hallways and the worry immediately filled you up. Hogwarts was not a completely safe place. At least not every single part of the castle. Especially not the dungeons.

And here you were, walking down the corridors of Hogwarts on your way to the Slytherin room to search more there when you stopped in track. Voices where heard and not fast enough you recognized the voice of your own boyfriend, Draco Malfoy.

‘Pansy, stay away from Y/N and me. Please,’ he pleaded, making her gasp as she almost threw herself onto the boy.

‘Draky please, I just need someone to hold on to,’ she dramatically said, but Draco just pushed her off. A frown was visible on his face and his tiny grimace made her step back slowly.

‘You and I both know you’re just trying to get me into your bed. Please, just go away,’ he hissed. Pansy huffed and stormed off, not even seeing you as she entered the Great Hall again. From a distance you heard Feline meow and when you turned around, you saw your cat running past you towards the common room.

Draco cooed Feline her name and tried to catch her. When she was finally in his arms, he looked around and that’s when you decided to step out of your hiding place.

‘Y/N,’ Draco said, almost breathless as you wore a little smile on your face, seeing how great Feline and Draco could always get along. At first, he didn’t seem like a real cat-lover, but never judge a book by its cover. Apparently, he adored them and secretly wished he could exchange his owl for a cat.

‘You found her,’ you smiled, not really motioning to give her back as you just hugged him lightly. Feline meowed again, so Draco dropped her carefully as she twirled around both your legs.

‘I’m sorry about today. Pansy can be very… annoying,’ he whispered, you just chuckling as you briefly looked back at this horrible day. Of course Draco couldn’t help it. Since he met you, he became a total different person. Well, that cocky side would always be there, but since Pansy was his friend since the early days, he couldn’t just tell her to fuck off.

‘I’m sorry too, sometimes I’m so delusional,’ you chuckled as he laughed. Feline had already gave up on the attention and slept on your feet, making it hard to move.

Draco smiled at the cat, before he met your eyes again. Without any further hesitation, your lips connected again as you shared a kiss like never before. You tried to escape from Feline’s figure and wrapped your legs around his body.

To take Feline with you, you separated your lips and you looked over the shoulder from Draco.

‘C’mon, Feline, let’s go,’ you said with a sweet, cute voice as the cat obeyed and followed you. When finally arriving in the common room, you stopped worrying about the cat and continued kissing Draco while he sat down on the couch.

‘Such a stupid thing. Why would I worry about Pansy?’ you mumbled against his lips.

‘Believe me Y/N, I want you and no one else,’ he reassured you, making your heart flutter and you cupped his cheeks when getting in contact with him again.


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Shades (M) | Key

// we’ll do it better than the books

“Are you sure about this?”

You looked towards Key as the both of you stood at the entrance to the cinema, two movie tickets in hand. Fifty Shades of Grey was the last movie you wanted to watch, and definitely one you knew, or thought, Key had no interest in. But felines are curious creatures, and your boyfriend was a human embodiment of cats.

“Come on, it’d be fun!” he winked, and you could only groan in reluctance.

The usual order of popcorn and soda was abandoned, given how your tummy only comes alive in the afternoon. Key had gotten the red-velvet couple seats at the back, and you settled yourself down comfortably just as the movie started. It was a screening on the late morning of a weekday, and the only ones in the theatre apart from the two of you were another couple, who were seated in the middle row.

You never read the book, and the first few minutes of the movie had you wondering once again why the female population, apart from you, loved it so much. You stole glances from time to time to observe Key’s reaction but he had the stoic, poker face on when he was concentrating on something.

When Christian and Ana shared their first kiss in the elevator, the boredom in you was slightly lifted and you tugged your hands in between your crossed legs, leaning your head on Key’s shoulder. The man started tracing the small of your back, his eyes glued to the screen. His body remained still even when the first sex scene came up, and you looked down to see the couple in the middle row already getting down to some frisky business.

Key’s sharp jawline was highlighted by the projection lights and you felt your horny senses tingling in. Frustration was building up in you as the restless shadowy figures below gave hint to what the other couple was still up to. You titled your head on Key’s shoulder to look up at his face again, and his eyes were still glued to the screen.

You needed to do something about this.

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IP_LPI_NAMIBIA_04 by Ignacio Palacios
Via Flickr:
Baby Caracal (African Lynx) in wildlife sanctuary in Namibia

kauriso  asked:

Heyy I bet your requests are open and I really would love to see all (or at least few) of your original characters that you have :D Your art style is sooo amazing btw! 👌🏼

Mkay, first of all, I gotta say I have like 12 original characters, most of them are animals or humanoids with animal features, because I used to be animal/furry artist just a couple of years ago. Unfortunately I have absolutely no time to draw them all, so I will show you just the main three of them.

The first one is some kind of feline creature with shitty personality. Name is Azalia, about 20 years old, they/them pronounce. Was originally created as a character for Warrior Cats roleplay about 10 years ago. Nowadays I consider them as my fursona (ugh I hate this word but whatever). They’ve been trying to become friendlier and less socially unadapted lately, but fails miserably. Well, too bad for them.

The second one is a wolf named Willow. Also about 20 years old, she/her pronouns. She is very enthusiastic and determined kind of person who likes to be in a spotlight. But she also might be cruel and bloodthirsty.

The third one was created just about a year ago. Name’s Emmet, 27 years old, he/him pronouns. Works as a keeper of keys at hell’s jail (just his father’s business, nothing special), but he’s not really into it. Despite his demonic origin, however, he is still really nice and friendly guy.

Thank you so much for asking about my sweet babies <3


Animation Hype!

So Clip Studio has animation support now. So I thought this would be the perfect moment to attempt doing some practicing.

Now, there are several things that I need to say.

1.) I am not good at animation, as-in: I have never learned how, this is just me using basic “logic”

2. CSP currently seems to hard-lock your animation range to the first 24 frames, attempting to change the end frame location, no matter where the start is, resets it back to 24/25 with an error message. This seems like a bug, unless I am doing something wrong. That is the reason why the Mara face animation just fades back to the beginning, I ran out of frames, and used photoshop to return to the first frame with some shoddy tweening.

If anyone has some good-yet-easy-to-understand animation tutorials (remember, I am a foreigner, technical english is not something I understand well), I would be happy to take a look at them.