• Me at 5pm:I'm gonna go to bed early today. As a result I might cope a little bit better with school and shit...
  • Me at 10pm:*In bed* I'm just gonna read one chapter of this 231k long fanfic about my OTP... Then I'm gonna sleep.
  • Me at 3am:Fuck it *finishes the fanfic + starts reading 5 new ones + spends a few hours on Tumblr + critically goes through every decision I've ever made in this life + watches every episode of my favorite tv show, twice*

Everyone always draws Feliciano wearing such fashionable clothes when in reality he’s just like:

wearing himself on a shirt

expressing his love for his favorite meal

little cat printed at the bottom!!

that damn muscle shirt

His actual wardrobe is so precious look at it!!!!


we all know he’d spook him lets be honest 

(alfred is terrified of spirits/demons/monsters, but doesn’t believe in them. arthur does believe in spirits/demons/monsters, but isn’t afraid of them)

im gonna tag all the au posts w “until dawn au”