11 Questions~ Sey & Mun Time!


1. Most dangerous thing you’ve ever done in your life?

  • Sey- Getting my father angry *shivers*
  • Mun- Sneaking in a forest with adventurous boyfriend, getting chased by unknown group of people.

2. Best party you’ve ever attended?

  • Sey- NYC Rave!!! 
  • Mun- Bf’s prom, bout the only party ive been to so far, I dont get out much, circumstances make it so.

3. Farthest place you have traveled?

  • Sey- South America
  • Mun- Colombia and Cancun, Mexico

4. How do you spend your rainy days?

  • Sey/Mun: Playing video games, eating, playing my: electric guitar and piano. Drawing.

5. Plans for the future?

  • Sey: Find love, and a better job as a fashion editor, or professional model.
  • Mun: Travel, get married, be a game designer, wants twin boys 

6. Biggest fear?

  • Sey- To die and be left alone
  • Mun- Heights, and also being left alone.

7. First crush?

  • Sey- high school, ew…
  • Mun-  elementary school, awww….

8. If you could go back in time, how far back would you go and why?

  • Sey- Mmmm, I don’t know….
  • Mun- 1st summer out of high school, which was 2010.

9. Do you like ramen noodles?

  • Sey/Mun- DUH!!!!

10. Favorite shoes? (picture please!!!)

too lazy to get up lol sorry, Ill post it tomorrow I promise and put it on here after editing it lol

11. Best moment ever?

Sey/Mun- Meeting the best people on tumblr!

My 11 ?’s =

  1. Fav animal?
  2. Fav food?
  3. Like a sport? if so would you do it? If not…idk?
  4. Chocolate or vanilla?
  5. Ever gotten a cavity before?
  6. Fav candy?
  7. Place you wanna go before you die?
  8. Fav video game of all time?
  9. Do you have a fav book?
  10. Fav movie?
  11. Ideal date?

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1)Favorite food?

Pizza from Pizza Uno that’s down my street

2)Any pets?

4, I have a dog called Shadow

My mom’s dog called Del Boy 

My cat called Paws ((XD this is how we wake up on a morning! Like a boss! If you look closely you can see brother’s cat Whiskers curled up in my top.))

My brother’s cat Whiskers

3)Favorite animal?



Drawing, singing, writing, kick boxing, reading, dancing, voice acting blah blah blah

5)Life goal?

To make my father and family proud by being the best that I can be

6)Best Halloween costume?

Myself, I seem to be scary enough. Just kidding, a witch.


Yes and no… I do adore games but I never had the money to pay any. Though I do play some, but yeh most of my money goes to my mother.

8)Favorite pass time?

Any moment with my dead relatives is my fondest past times.

9)Best day of your life?

Getting adopted.

10)How long have you been on tumblr?

3 and half months I think

11)Favorite Doctor?

Since he’s saved our lives so many times, Donnie.


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My Questions 

1) How long have you been on Tumblr?

2) How long have you been rping?

3) Favorite colour?

4) Pets?

5) Interests or Hoddies?

6) Pizza or Curry?

7) Thought when you first found out about Tumblr?

8) Best moment rping?

9) Favorite number?

10) Legend of Zelda or Pokemon?

11) Gamer?