My girl Lissy ^^ I want to make sure I have plenty of pictures of her to put in the book, which means she can’t be in Hogwarts uniform or leave any hint that she’s got anything to do with Harry Potter so that she just looks like an original character.

Not that that’s difficult, Lissy loves her muggle clothes and I’m always happy to draw her anyways. I kinda needed to tonight. She’s my main girl and I love her and needed to spend some quality time with her :)

Fun Fact: Lissy’s design is very heavily inspired by Giselle from Disney’s Enchanted, even though I’ve only seen the movie once or twice. I dunno what it is about her animated self, but it’s SO Lissy!

Which in turn means she’s inspired by the work of Alfons Mucha, which is pretty awesome XD Someday I’ll have to do a proper Mucha drawing of Lissy…

Starting lots of random projects tonight while the inspiration parts of my brain are working XD Right, so Lissy’s design is very heavily influenced by cartoon Giselle from Disney’s Enchanted. Which was in inspired by the works of Mucha. So I’ve been meaning to make a pretty Mucha-esque picture of Lissy :D

It’s super sloppy, I was just trying to get my thoughts out, lol.