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365 Days of Olicity: Day 2

anonymous asked:

Olicity AU based on Freaky Friday. Any two characters.

When I first read this prompt, I literally gave a disbelieving ‘what..?’ and pushed it from my mind because I had no idea what to write. Who would switch and why?

Then a few weeks later, I looked back at it and actually had an idea. And I started writing. And two months later it’s finished.

I’m really awesome, guys.


Felicity still wasn’t sure why she was in the warehouse with everyone, but there she was, crouching behind a giant wooden crate as Oliver, Diggle, Roy and Sara fought the Chinese Triad.

“I should really learn to stay in the car,” Felicity muttered to herself, peeking around the crate to see Sara staff-beat two Triads, only to have two more take their place. Diggle was behind her holding his own against another three. Roy sat perched on crates high above the fight, picking off Triad member with his bow. Scanning the warehouse, she saw Oliver chasing the new Chinese Triad leader. He was carrying something, and whatever it was, the Chinese Triad wanted it bad, which meant Team Arrow needed to get it first.

Felicity watched as Oliver stopped and loosed an arrow. The Triad’s new leader crumpled as the shaft lodged deep in the back of his thigh, the object flying out of his hands and landing in the center of the warehouse. It looked like an ugly, stunted dragon, about the size of a football, and Felicity was completely unimpressed.

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candied-pineapple  asked:

Hi Marc! I need to say that the 3x11 was a amazing episode! I love everything on it. Laurel was so badass and so strong. Her relationship with Felicity was very cute. *-* I love the scene between Ray & Felicity too, it was intense! Thank you. You're the best.

Thank you for watching!  So glad you liked the episode.