OLICITY IS RISING trend on May 3rd

Hey Olicity fans, we are going to try to trend ‘OLICITY IS RISING’ starting at 4pm ET on Wednesday, May 3rd!! Spread the word! We need all the tweeters we can get!

If you can’t be there, try to schedule tweets for a few hours on Tweetdeck! Please see times on poster below. If you don’t see your time, google it and ask what is the equivalent to 4PM eastern time to your city/country’s time.

Again, please help SPREAD THE WORD! I would love to get this trending WORLDWIDE before the episode begins!

Olicity| Oliver Queen x Felicity Smoak 

Arrow 5 x 19 - Canvas 


#when promitheus reminded of oliver one of the first times that he truly saved felicity from a villain(and that I think was the first moment oliver ever let himself show his concern and feelings for felicity)#i think that moment was one of the most important olicity scenes and the fact that promitheus focuses on that moment shows a lot#he could have picked any other villain from season 2 to taunt him#he has a whole collection of photos on the wall# but he picked the count#he knows how important she is to oliver