felicity x digg

how much am I crying about Digg knowing Felicity has no one except him and Oliver(at least in terms of people who actually are aware of what’s going on in her life and the possible danger she’s in) and taking it upon himself to literally sit outside her apartment and watch over her. All the others he mentioned like Thea, Laurel, Moira, they had people who were aware of  the danger they were in and who could watch over them. DIGG IS FELICITY’S PERSON. (and you know she’s his favorite and he’s probably got all the same scenarios running through his head that we as the audience do. He’s probably expecting Slade to do something to Felicity, because she’s not the obvious target).


anonymous asked:

I totally agree that Digg decided to look after Felicity and it wasn't something Oliver told him to do. Digg notices shit and he's protective (and we STILL have those 5 missing months). These two are close- Digg is going to make damn sure Felicity is safe and it's not going to be because someone told him to do it.

yea I mean I get that thinking Oliver asked Digg to take care of Felicity is appealing because it solves the problem of Oliver not acknowledging Felicity being in danger, because when you look at their development so far this season it completely leads you to believe that Oliver would be worried. And I don’t think he’s not worried, it just isn’t being addressed on the show itself. So yea I totally get trying to ‘fix’ that. But I just really feel that Digg/Felicity have a really great friendship apart from Oliver. Like Oliver is the one that brought them together, but their relationship is a lot more than people-on-oliver’s-team. They are friends, and like you said they had 5 months where it was just them.

Now a scenario I could see, Oliver casually checking in with Digg, like, ‘evrything good with Felicity?’ because even though they never talked about it, he just knows that Digg is there outside her apartment every day watching out for her.