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This is right after Oliver gets Felicity back from Damien Darhk and I noticed Oliver has his eyes on Felicity this whole time.  In my mind, I imagine him thinking… that her chair could have been empty. He could have been alone right now without her. She could have died tonight. Don’t waste another moment. Life is too short. I need to make her my wife. 

First Dance (Olicity, post 4x10)

Something fortuitous happened today. @captainsamell sent me a prompt regarding this scene, and I flailed about because I’d just had this thought when I woke up this morning after seeing a post… This was the result.

“Hey,” Oliver said softly. Felicity heard the rustle of pages as he set his notebook down. “What is it?”

Her hand was frozen in midair, the ring catching the light from the lamp on his nightstand perfectly, making the diamond sparkle. 

A fine tremor danced along the edge of her fingers and she made a light fist, turning towards him just enough so he could see the smile on her lips.

“Nothing. I was just admiring,” Felicity said, her voice clear. She wiggled her fingers for emphasis. The ring caught more of the dull light, and it made her heart clench. It was flawless, absolutely beautiful. “It’s so shiny.” Oliver made a little sound in response and she leaned back just enough to give him a smile. “I’m still very ‘oh shiny!’ from all those drugs they had me hopped up on.”

She didn’t give him a chance to respond before she turned away again, curling into her pillow, fighting the grimace at the still-strange sensation of her legs

“Oh,” Oliver said and then she heard the distinct sound of his pen sliding into his notebook. He shut it and set it on his nightstand.

She expected him to turn the light off and curl around her, just as he had for the last several nights since she’d gotten home, holding her as tightly as he dared until he fell asleep, until the weight of his arm around her waist grew heavy enough for her to take a deep breath and let out the single tear she allowed herself…

She could really use that tear right now, and Felicity bit her lip, pushing it back down along with the question that’d been pressing at the edges of her mind since she watched that movie earlier. She could wait.

But he didn’t follow his routine.

Instead, the light stayed on as Oliver pushed himself closer, wrapping his arm around her waist and tugging her back into him. It used to be her favorite thing, how easily he could move her, how fond he was of pressing every inch of his body against hers, the little stretch and moan she gave him when she felt him

But now she felt a lot less and it was the only thing she could think about before she pushed that down as well.

Oliver used his other hand to brush the hair off her neck, dropping a light kiss along her hairline. Her eyes fluttered shut, her chest tightening with affection and something else she didn’t know how to name as he pulled her closer, laying his head on hers.

His stubble bit into her cheek and ear.

“Talk to me, Felicity,” Oliver whispered.

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I just love this little moment. The way he playfully walks around her and turns back to look at her. I find it so cute and kind of sexy. I think Felicity thinks it’s sexy too. ;) 

These two are so adorable. There are so many layers of “personality” to these two characters on their own. And when you put them together the chemistry is just off the charts. 


End of Season 2 // End of Season 3

End of Season 4 Speculation: I want to be with you… Forever. Marry me. 😍😭


Olicity Kisses in Season 4

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You opened up my heart in a way I didn’t even know was possible…