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To Torment the King, Threaten the Queen

I decided to rewatch Arrow 5x17, and it’s even more amazing (and heartbreaking) to watch the second time. My first viewing was just pure emotional response to what was playing out onscreen. I caught some details here and there, but mostly I was trying to process while hanging on the edge of my seat anticipating what was coming next. Watching the scene again in which Adrian Chase, a.k.a. Prometheus, taunts Oliver about Felicity was fascinating, because I could more easily see how Chase segued into each particular jab and the intent behind it. Like the sick, twisted psycho he is, Prometheus slowly escalates the stakes both physically and mentally for Oliver by threatening his love.

You murdered your own wife

After Chase drowns Oliver for the same amount of time it took his father Justin Claybourn to die, he starts to taunt Oliver about his numerous victims. He tries to humanize them by saying they had families of their own: husbands, wives, daughters, sons, etc. Oliver, however, isn’t swayed because he believes these people committed terrible crimes and had victims of their own. He then points out that Chase is sick and a hypocrite, especially since he murdered his own wife.

It’s that exact moment that Chase makes a very interesting transition. Of all the victims on the wall, he chooses to specifically single out The Count. Why The Count?

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anonymous asked:

Why don't you like felicity? This isn't meant to be an attack btw, you're certainly entitled to your own opinion, but just a question from a curious felicity fan

this is gonna be long af so get ready:

ok so here’s the thing, i used to like felicity. i really liked her in season 1-2. i thought she was funny, and at first i was looking forward to her being a main character. i started to sour to her around the end of season 2. 

firstly there was the scene which pitted drunk!laurel against saintly!felicity but i brushed it aside. then there was the scene near the end of season 2 when felicity has that speech towards oliver “and you are not done fighting” and i was like, “wow. that was some baaaaaddd acting” but i was like, “hey its her first big dramatic scene maybe she can improve” 

and then season 3 happened. despite this being the season that laurel was to become the black canary, this was laurel season, finally she was gonna get her time to shine. aaaaaaand no. guggenheim never liked laurel (and/or katie cassidy) and he’d always taken measures to divorce her from her comic book counterpart. change her backstory to her being a lawyer, her mother wasn’t the original black canary, she wasn’t a meta, she didn’t even go by her first name dinah because “it was too old fashioned” (screaming internally) in season 2 he introduced sara. she was the Cool Girl™ to laurel’s Whiny Shrew. She had the martial arts skills, she had the canary cry sort of, and in the episode titled birds of prey, it was sara who fought huntress. and despite everyone from tommy to thea to moira saying how it had always been laurel and oliver, all of sudden they made it that evil bitch laurel had foiled sara and oliver’s tru luv because she wanted oliver all to herself. therefore it wasn’t sara who was the bad sister for sleeping with her sister’s long time boyfriend, but rather laurel for stealing oliver in the first place. but sara still wasn’t as popular as felicity and neither was her relationship with oliver. 

so then season 3 happens and they decide to fridge sara because thats the only way female characters can leave. and laurel finally gets to become the hero she was meant to become. the respected and badass hero who was oliver’s equal. except no. despite laurel managing to take on two security guards with ease in the pilot, she suddenly couldn’t take on a single untrained creeper without being defeated with ease. and while this was happening, felicity was gradually being given more and more screentime over laurel. and despite oliver and laurel being friends (and in love) since they were kids, when the news broke that oliver was “dead” it was laurel who had to comfort felicity. and whilst felicity had become an invaluable member to team arrow, laurel wasn’t even a sidekick for team arrow, she was a nuisance. but eventually she got some respect from the team and got to show up to swing a baton at whoever oliver had forgotten to shoot, who diggle had forgotten to punch, and who roy had forgotten to parkour over. but her screentime was given to felicity.

and then season 4 happened. laurel was officially the black canary. and despite her being considered an equal fighter, if not a better fighter than oliver in the comics, her and thea (who was trained by her league of assassin father) and diggle couldn’t keep up without oliver and felicity. so they came back. and as felicity and oliver tried to maintain a relationship, that became the focus of the show. felicity had unofficially become the lead female character. despite the dramatics of the season revealing emily’s weaknesses as an actress even more, she was the woman who had the most screentime. laurel was an afterthought. felicity who seemed like a replication of chloe sullivan who in turn was an expy of barbara gordon/oracle became the main character and when she was paralyzed, they toyed with her taking the name (oracle). 

this pissed me off. when i was 16 my mental health had become very fraught. and while most of the world tends to avoid talking about mental health, i lived in a country which was even less open about mental health. i didn’t know i could be disabled because it was never discussed. i got into comics around this time and when i saw barbara gordon as oracle i was enchanted and inspired. i told myself that if barbara gordon could fight crime while being in a wheelchair, i could graduate high school. and i did, with two diplomas. she really inspired me because when she could no longer physically fight crime after being paralyzed she turned to an alternative way of fighting crime and she became even more powerful than ever. it wasn’t her choice to be unable to physically fight crime but she adapted. felicity never went through that struggle of having to give up her old way of helping others and discover a new way and a new her. she always was a hacker. so when they hinted her being called oracle because she was paralysed it pissed me off. oracle isn’t some random person in a wheelchair. she’s barbara gordon who adapted to her circumstances.  

anyway so laurel’s been sidelined for felicity and her new dramatic storyline. and then the person in the grave is revealed to be laurel. and the thing is, guggenheim told emily that she wasn’t gonna be in the grave from the first place. instead of getting laurel like we had been told from day one, we got felicity. and remember how i mentioned that emily’s acting in the scene from season 2 was bad but i thought she could improve? she didn’t. so not only has an interesting and iconic character been fridged to make room for an oc, the actress can barely act her way through a single dramatic scene. a talented actress who worked hard to understand and properly show the character’s alcholism and physicality has been replaced by an actress who when she’s meant to be acting a struggle to not get shoved in a gas chamber, CLOSES THE DOOR TO THE GAS CHAMBER i think i have a right to feel that the wrong person is the lead actress. if it makes you feel better, i also think stephen amell is pretty awful too. 

but here’s the thing; if guggenheim (and the cw it seems) were capable of having more than one main female character and not promoting love interest of the season to the main character because the fans liked her despite her questionable acting skills, i wouldn’t hate felicity. but because felicity has become the greatest symptom of guggenheim’s poor writing and disrespect for laurel, i can’t help but hate her.

TL;DR: i don’t like felicity because her existence resulted in the fridging of laurel, the disrespect of laurel (and babs) and the actress is not very good at acting

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Lesbian History:

Lilly Wust (1913-2006)

  • Lilly, a German, was a soldier in WWII, and an accountant later in life
  • harboured Jewish people in her home during the beginning Nazi round ups of Jewish people in Germany
  • She had a relationship with Jewish resistance fighter Felice Schragenheim
  • Felice was interned at Aushwitz-Birkenau and died on a death march to Bergen-Belsen
  • In 2001 Lilly stated that Felice  “was the greatest love of my life.”
Fic Recs #16

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15

A Bringer of New Things by @onanomotopoeia - Felicity has a passionate one-night stand to prove her mother and roommate wrong. They say she has no life, but she showed them. Didn’t she? She certainly did, until that mistake came back to haunt her six weeks later when she realizes she’s pregnant with the child of a future-CEO and billionaire playboy Oliver Queen. Aka: what if Oliver had met Felicity instead of Samantha?

Broken Pieces by @jbuffyangel - I literally found this fic, read the first chapter, then went back and read Once and Forever Queen in 2 hours. Amazing and compelling. This story will suck you in and never let you go.

all eyes on you by @callistawolf - The sequel to “ready for the fall” that I never knew I needed in my life. I don’t want to tell you more unless you haven’t read the first one! GO READ IT NOW.

The Queen Series by @alayneni - Oliver and Felicity are dating. This is a series of one-shots that takes place in a no-island, no-Arrow universe in which Felicity and Oliver are madly in love and just trying to be a couple in this crazy world.

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Of the Wretched by @yellowflicker09011996 - Felicity, Tommy, and Oliver met when Donna married Malcolm Merlyn. It completely changes the course of their lives. Angsty, funny, and totally awesome! Also, Robert is the Hood and stuff because Robert took Oliver’s arc and Oliver took Sara’s, so there’s League stuff and it’s kind of confusing but awesome so just roll with it.

Brothers in Life by @alexiablackbriar13 - Part of the Man’s Best Friend Series where Oliver comes back from the island and isn’t as good at hiding how he’s changed: he gets diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety, and gets a service dog named Hunter. In this chapter, Hunter meets Tommy and Malcolm Merlyn. His reactions to the two men are as different as the men themselves.

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Elves by @realityisoverrated-fic - The cutest, fluffiest Smoaking Billionaires holiday story from the Infinite Love series. Our favorite trio is hosting a holiday party for QC’s investors, their first one since coming out as a three, and Oliver’s frustrated because his partners aren’t helping him decorate.

The Fire is so Delightful by @felicityollies - Sweet, fluffy, happy Olicity cuddles in front of the fire place.

Order Up by @smoakinitup - An oldie but a goodie! Felicity is waitressing to pay the bills while she finishes up MIT when an arguing couple takes one of her tables 10 minutes from closing.

A Second Chance by @bri617aroundtheworld - Bodyguard AU!!! Aka, one of my greatest weaknesses. Felicity helps out with A Second Chance – a program that helps people in prison get on their feet and find jobs after they’re released. Oliver Queen – disowned, cut off ex-billionaire – isn’t the right fit for her tech company, but John Diggle and Arrow Security may be just the place for him.

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We’ll always have the foodcourt by @wherethereissmoak - Felicity is the manager of an indie bookstore in the mall and Oliver runs the phone accessory kiosk outside it. It’s a tale as old as time, mall employee romance.

Holding Pattern by @somewhereelse - Oliver and Felicity have spent years basically being married - but Oliver still insists they can’t be together. Until he changes his mind.

Originally posted by olicity-i-believe-in-you

Fifty Bucks says by @entersomethingcleverhere - Oliver is trying to open a restaurant, so he gets a roommate to save money. No one in his life was expecting Felicity Smoak, and they can’t help but take bets on when she’ll get fed up with Oliver and move out. Unfortunately for everyone’s bank accounts, Felicity is way tougher than she appears.

Maybe This Christmas by @oyhumbug - Part 2 in the Oliver Dearden Series. It’s been a year since Felicity and Oliver met on his Christmas tree farm, and what a year it’s been. A marriage, a dog, and seven months of a pregnancy later, someone from Oliver’s past shows up at their cabin in the woods.

The Long Game by @adubbs47 - Canary and Oracle are notorious thieves. They each have their own reasons and their own code, but they’re a team in a world that’s entirely against them. One day, they chose the wrong mark in one Oliver Queen, secret vigilante. He’s bent on bringing them to justice, until they get in the middle of a mob war.

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Somewhere With You by ME! - That’s right, it’s everyone’s favorite part of the fic recs where I tell you about what I’m writing. I’ve not had the time to write like I want because real life (new job, moving, writing an original novel, etc.) but I AM writing it! Felicity rolls into the tiny town of Star Beach, and she’s every inch a mystery. John Diggle offers her a place to stay, and she accidentally falls into friendships she never intended. And then there’s Oliver Queen.

Okay, but I want a version of S3 where Sara’s just a ghost that only Felicity can see. And half of the crying is because Felicity is trying really, really hard not to laugh at something ghost!Sara is doing in the background.

Or possibly channeling ghost!Sara’s feelings about not being able to be with Nyssa, if I’m going for angst.

Quick little drabble, inspired by @deadlybingo post here. 

“Everybody inside go!” Barry yelled.

Felicity ran for cover, not caring as she dropped her umbrella to the ground. The rain hit against her face as she pushed herself to run for safety. Once she was under cover, she turned back to face her teammates. She froze, her breath caught in her throat at the sight before her.

Oliver hadn’t moved, a gold light flashed over him.

A loud buzzing sound filled her ears. Her eyes widened in shock. Time seemed to slow down around her.

“Oliver,” she choked out, she jumped forward, trying to reach him. A pair of arms wrapped around her waist, holding her back. “No!” she screamed as Oliver disappeared from sight. “Oliver!”

Her breathing sped up, coming out in short pants, tears filled her eyes. “No, no, no,” she muttered to herself, she closed her eyes tightly. He couldn’t be gone. Oliver couldn’t be gone. Not when she… There was so much that she hadn’t told him yet.

Images filled her mind. Flashing behind her closed lids.

The first time he walked into her office.

Oliver showing up, shot and dressed as the Hood, in the back seat of her car.

Oliver saving her from the Count.

Their disastrous first date.

I want to be with you… if you’ll come with me.

Oliver finally opening up to her, telling her the stories of his past.

The house in Ivy Town.

Coming back to Star City.

Oliver on one knee in front of her. Sliding the ring onto her finger.

Finding out that Oliver has a son.

The look on his face as she placed the ring on the table.

Staying together, to work as a team after Digg and Thea left.

And then, Oliver vanishing before her eyes.


She shook her head.


This couldn’t be the end. He couldn’t be gone… Not when

“Oliver!” she screamed, her voice cracked as tears slipped down her face. Her knees started to buckle, but the arms that were around her waist, held her up.

Is is real?

His voice echoed in her head. Questioning her relationship with Billy.

Had that only been a few weeks ago? Now, it felt like years.

I don’t know.

Had been her reply. Which had been the truth. She didn’t know.

But now, in this moment, having just watched Oliver vanish before her eyes. She knew.

It wasn’t. It couldn’t be. She was still in love with Oliver. And always would be.

He was her always.

But he…

“Felicity,” Barry’s soft voice broke her out of her thoughts. She looked at him, a look of despair on his face. “Felicity, I’m sorry. I tried… but, I wasn’t. I… I wasn’t fast enough.”

She reached towards him, the arms around her waist let go and she rushed into Barry’s open arms. Sobs racked her body.

“We’ll get him back,” Barry promised, squeezing her tightly. “I swear Felicity, we’ll find Oliver and we’ll bring him home.”

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when palmer climbed onboard The Olicity ship.

when ras al gul became a shipper

Olicity party with the demon

when Malcom Merlyn came on board 

the Olicity fandom threw another welcome party

when slade wilson came onboard

Partyyyyy time with Mr.Wilson

when barry allen came onboard

HUGS AND LOVE FOR BARRY who in time has become a great shipper

when the season 2 Count proved his dedication to the ship by kidnapping felicity and giving us one of the greatest olicity moment of our entire shipper lives

Oliciters welcomed him with flowers and chocolates and declared him a national hero 

when sara lance came onboard

following the footsteps of detective…i mean captain lance

the ship REJOYCED with another PARTYYYY

and then came roy

olicity fandom was all like 

and then the magical fern was welcomed onboard with great joy and tears of happiness

we danced and sang for its bravery 

by standing with our otp through happy times

and sad times :(

but this party didnt last very long because a hater MURDERED the innocent fern

 and so the shippers mourned its TRAGIC LOSS and threw a funeral, remembering its greatness

but because it was a dedicated shipper, it arose from the dead, calling itself the “immortal fern”

and then we all partied again

now alot of you may be wondering, how can she forget about the most important shipper of all, the greatest and most dedicated…. the one and only John Diggle ladies and gentlemen

Captain Diggle has steered this ship to success by being the first character to realize this OTP was meant to be








there is a lot more but you get the point. the thing is when Diggle ships Olicity, we are definitely ENDGAME because Diggle is the wisest since 

Now fandom wait for season 4 cause that is gonna transform this already HUGE ship into A CRUISE ;)

Fic Recs #10

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9

Forever sending the fic love to @realityisoverrated-fic so she will never run out of reading material.

And now on to the fic party! Guys, should I start calling this “Fic Party” instead of “Fic Recs?” That’s basically what I’ve called all of them.

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Nothing left to hide by @ohmypreciousgirl - Asexual Oliver, guys. It keeps with canon, going into the spectrum of asexuality, and is SO beautiful and sweet.

Truths and Consequences by @slowcookedvig - Oliver has so much to deal with while being the mayor. Code of Ethics, committees, and his Bratva past coming back to haunt him and those he loves. One of these things is not like the other.

(Gif by claraswan)

Dust to Dust by @anthfan - Oliver dies and Felicity has to find a way to move on. But for a vigilante who’s come back from the dead more times than he can count, death isn’t always such a permanent thing. EMOTIONAL but I promise it has a happy ending!

These Games We Play by @overwatchqueens - I’ve recced this before I’m almost sure, but I don’t care! It’s been updated and I’m so excited!!! The kiss in the mansion in S2 happened and it changes everything. Fake marriage, sharing an apartment, sex pollen in one chapter, investigating crimes… It’s got a little bit of everything!

Savin’ Me by @stygian-omada-fan - Bratva AU! One of my greatest weaknesses. Oliver and Felicity are dating and he’s trying to keep her out of the more dangerous parts of his life, but he’s forced to ask her for help when he gets set up to take the fall for a crime he didn’t commit.


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ready for the fall by @callistawolf - Takes place right after the S1 finale and TOMMY LIVES FAM. Oliver has run off to parts unknown after the Undertaking, but Felicity isn’t going to let him go without a fight. She follows him to Tommy’s family’s cabin. What on earth could happen there for fifteen chapters? We’re gonna find out!

The Love Thieves: Amour de Soi by @truemyth - (nice icon, girl!) Olicity/Nikita AU! Felicity is wrongfully convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. But Section One thinks that her computer prowess on top of her seeming killer instinct is the perfect formula for her to become one of their agents. Will Felicity survive training? In Section One, failure equals death.

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Let’s Misbehave by @dettiot - Olicity 1920s AU! In a whirl of slang, flapper skirts and illegal booze, Felicity’s just trying to save enough money as a switchboard operator to afford another year at MIT. Her friends lure her into the best speakeasy in town, Verdant, and Felicity finds herself living in the moment maybe for the first time in her life. So, when she can’t take the phone company anymore and quits her job before she can get fired, she finds herself drinking alone at Verdant with no place to go. Thankfully, the devilishly handsome owner has a proposition for her. (sorry I just spoiled like all of chapter 1 but I’m a really dramatic person and I couldn’t help myself.)

Into You Like a Train by @hannasus - Felicity is a script supervisor and Oliver is the disgraced former-heartthrob who’s been off the scene for 5 years dealing with his drug addiction. They come together to work on a movie that may redeem Oliver’s career and drive Felicity insane.

of Redemption and Inebriation by @emmilynestill - In the 4.5 hiatus, Felicity and Oliver deal with themselves, their relationship, and a lot of alcohol. (despite the below gif, they promised not to have sex until the third date.)

Originally posted by jhopq

Caught in the Rapture by @bindy417 - Felicity Smoak is the daughter of Damien Darhk. To bury the ratchet with Ra’s al Ghul, he sells his only daughter to the Demon to marry the Demon’s Heir - Al Sah-him.

The Edge of Hope by @thatmasquedgirl - PACIFIC RIM AU. Felicity Smoak is a J-Tech genius who just wants to pilot a Jaeger, but Marshal Diggle doesn’t want to send his brightest mind out in a giant metal suit to die fighting a Kaiju. It helps that she hasn’t found anyone she’s drift-compatible with yet. In comes Oliver Queen, ex-Ranger who’s one of the most successful Jaeger pilots in history. He and Tommy Merlyn were partners on the Green Arrow until it went down fighting a Kaiju and Oliver lost his partner and best friend. Now he’s back in Starling to train Rangers for the new Jaeger, Striker Eureka. WHATEVER WILL HAPPEN NEXT?

Originally posted by ety3rd

Canaries by @kyrieanne - Felicity has just moved to Starling City after the devastating events that left her shattered in Boston. She’s a new, normal woman ready to enjoy a normal life. Right? But after a year in Starling, she has exactly one friend to show for her efforts and routinely goes to work on the weekends to avoid her empty condo. All that changes, however, when the coffee shop Canaries opens across the street seemingly overnight. She meets Oliver Queen and they’re a study in opposites, but they could be exactly what the other needs.

carry on my wayward son by @babblekeen - PART TWO of the “Felicity is Bruce Wayne’s little sister” fic that I’m obsessed with. It’s not too Felicity-centric right now because it’s laying the groundwork for Batman and stuff, but it’s almost there! And watching Bruce interact with little Felicity is beyond adorable. I can’t wait to see how he reacts to his baby sister dating Oliver Queen.

Wrap The Dark Around Me by @jsq - Whatever happened to Damien Darhk’s daughter? This fic explores that while dealing with what happens in an underworld power vacuum. That’s right, baby. The Bratva moved in.

Workin’ My Way Back to You by ME - Yes, we’ve reached the self-promotion part of the evening. This series is my take on the 4.5 hiatus. Don’t worry, it’s mostly happy and everything’s comin’ up Olicity. I was gonna try and end it to coincide with canon, but I realized I had no desire to do that. SO OLICITY WILL BE HAPPY GOSH DARN IT.

Crystal Clear: Arrow 5x05 Review (Human Target)

Sometimes I feel like I’m from planet Zenon.  When I watch Arrow I almost never react the same way to the episode as most of the fandom, especially on Twitter.  It’s like I’m watching a different show. I don’t know. Maybe I am just nuts.

When I spoke to Marc back at SDCC, he did me a very amazing solid. Essentially, he released all the spoilers from the panel to me a day early and then told me to post it. Just to be a nice guy. We’re finally at the episode we talked the most in depth about. To review, this is what Marc said to me about 5x05:

  • He said it would be a huge episode for Olicity
  • He said that it would provide clarity

And that’s all he really said. These are also the spoilers he released at SDCC and all major media the next day. This has been the promotion for the episode every time Wendy or Marc have talked about it. I did push Marc for more detail about Olicity’s full season arc, which is what led to THIS conversation:

Marc said that Episode 5 is a HUGE Olicity episode. I asked him if Oliver was giving up and he said, “No! No no non no!” But then he paused and said, “That said, Felicity does say to him, ‘You keep waiting for things to go back to the way they were.’’” She’s talking about the team, but the subtext is their relationship. So then I asked, “But are we going to see a rebuild?” And Marc smiled and said, “Yes.” And then I said, “Oliver’s still working on becoming the man that Felicity wants and needs??” He smiled and said, “Yes. Absolutely.” Then I said, “But it’s going to be a process? A long journey?” And he smiled again and said YES.

After I posted my conversation with Marc, I received the most questions about episode 5x05.  The number one question asked was, “Did Marc mean 5x05 will be good or bad for Olicity?”

I always said that I didn’t ask Marc that question because I didn’t care either way. Good or bad it was all part of the journey for me and that’s what I’m here for. Nor did I speculate that Olicity would reunite in 5x05. I very specifically put a message in my 5x04 review that if you were expecting reunion to lower your expectations, given how the season is progressing. There’s been some, “But I remember Jen said (fill in the blank).” So, I just wanted to clarify what I wrote and what I’ve been saying just in case there’s any confusion. Groovy? Groovy.

Now that 5x05 has aired, we can answer these questions. Was it a huge Olicity episode? Yes. Did it provide clarity Yes. Was it good or bad? Well…it was both. There were some tough parts, but in the end, it was good. But like I said… I may be from planet Zenon . 

Let’s dig in…

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serafinabellasera  asked:

Prompt: Felicity wears the black cut out dress for a fundraising event weeks prior to the August mayoral election.

“Oh, I’m late, I’m so late!” Felicity hissed, dashing through the small, cluttered offices of Smoak Technologies.  The company she had started after regaining the CEO position at Palmer Tech had become impossible, Smoak Technologies was her new baby.  She had been doing a presentation to the Star City Entrepreneurship Institute, trying to gain their support for her company.  It was a great opportunity, but the Institute’s board had asked a lot of questions.  And now, she was late for Oliver’s fundraising event.  

“Curtis!  Please tell me you got my dress!” she yelled as she headed for the bathroom.  

Smoak Technologies’ only paid employee, Curtis gestured in the direction of the bathroom as she dashed past him.  “In the bathroom.”  

“Thank you!” she called out, kicking off her shoes and hoping she would have enough time to freshen up her makeup here instead of in the taxi.  But when she saw the dress hanging on the back of the door, she nearly had a panic attack.

“Curtis!  This isn’t the right dress,” she wailed, feeling a wave of panic.  

“You told me to get the black dress with the cutouts,” Curtis said after a minute, his voice getting progressively closer until he was standing by the bathroom door.

Lifting the dress up, she turned to show it to him.  “But not this black dress with cutouts!”

Curtis eyed her.  “I hope you realize just how wrong that sentence is.  And I realize this might make me sound more straight than I am, but what woman needs more than one black dress with cutouts?”

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Oliver Queen Appreciation Week (Day 7)-go creative! (in collab with rebecca who wrote the whole meta for if there is any confusion)

After “The Climb” aired, there was a lot of discussion on the four people that Oliver Queen saw in his dying moments, those being his parents, Thea, and Felicity. Many criticized the fact that he only saw these four individuals, saying that there were more people that he cared about that should have been shown. Now it’s true, there are many other people that he loved deeply, and equally, I would argue, as those shown, but this was not meant to be a montage of Oliver Queen’s favorite people. This was something else entirely. This was his instincts kicking in, attempting to keep him alive.

First his brain showed him his parents. Both of his parents have now given their lives for him, and Oliver is constantly aware of this. He feels indebted to their sacrifice, and desperately wants to stay alive to honor their memory and to keep fighting, because that is what he knows they wanted from him.

But Oliver is still dying. So his brain steps it up a notch. He sees Thea. While this duel may have saved her from the judgment of Ra’s al Guhl, it does not change the fact that Oliver still feels the need to protect her. Malcolm has her in his clutches, and Oliver knows that he will continue to abuse his relationship with her to achieve his own nefarious purposes. He is her older brother, and he still feels the need to keep her safe.

Finally, in it’s last ditch effort to stop the looming hand of death, his brain pulls out all the stops, and shows him Felicity. In that moment, all the things he’s been telling himself about her, about why they can’t be together, go away, and she is what he’s been trying not to look at her as: hope. Hope for a better future, a better life, a better him. She is an ocean of joy that he didn’t know could exist and right now he has barely got his feet wet. If he dies now, she will be the greatest thing that never happened to him. Oliver loves her so much and he knows how it will crush her if he leaves. He can bring himself to bruise and batter her heart, justifying that it’s protecting her from something worse, but his death would break it, and that, he cannot allow.

Yes, it’s true that Oliver cares immensely for people like Diggle, Tommy, Laurel, and Sara and I do not doubt that if he were dying as most of us will, he would think back on them. But this is not Oliver Queen reminiscing over his loved ones as his life draws peacefully to a close.

This is his body violently screaming at him to survive

(credit to eastofgallifrey for her beautiful words)

Felicity Smoak: One of the 99 Greatest TV Characters Since Tony Soprano: #99-90

We’re celebrating this new Golden Age of Television by paying tribute to our favorite TV characters who’ve debuted since January 10, 1999.

Wow! That’s quite a compliment for Arrow, Felicity Smoak, and Emily Bett Rickards!  Check her out at #91 on the list.