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Well… I usually just sit uncomfortably until it goes away.


Weirdly enough, on the rare occassion that he leaves his room, Richmond has me covered. He scares me every time and I don’t know why he’s got a spray bottle for himself, but… It’s very kind of him. He’s doing alright. I think.

Richmond Felicity Avenal Appreciation

Time or another edition of The IT Crowd character appreciation posts. I’m moving across the country soon and I really wanted to get Richmond’s done before I leave. This one will be short in comparison since he’s only in the show for a few episodes, but that said, he’s still one of the best.

(Special shout-out to my mother. Richmond is her favorite). It’s ironic that a dark and gloomy character can bring in the most laughs, and it certainly helps that the person playing the dark and gloomy goth is no other than, Noel Fielding.

Noel first joined the IT Crowd during the first season. He premiered in the episode, “The Red Door.” I missed this episode when I first started watching so Richmond was just “that random goth” to me. After watching the Red Door, my opinion hasn’t changed at all. Richmond is that random goth character who doesn’t have a large role in the show, but is one of the most brilliant characters. The concept of having this random goth who just appears every now and then is wonderful and it completely fits with the show completely.

Despite playing a gloomy and depressing persona, Richmond is actually one of the funniest characters on the show and he’s also one of the most adored. Since he’s only appeared in 6 episodes (possibly 7 counting the finale), it’s difficult to pull up a long laundry list of reasons to love him but here are some of the most prominent:

Let’s start with his intro:

Need I say more?

This episode was great because the incorporation of his character seemed completely spontaneous, and out of the blue.

He’s one of the only genuinely kind-hearted characters in the show

I never really understood the level offense that this scene was trying to get at. Granted, I grew up with the punks, goths, and miscellaneous freaks of my generation, but if I were in the old woman’s shoes, I would have thought that this was an incredibly sweet gesture.

He’s the KING of the Fourth Wall

**I tried to find one where Chris is looking around at the camera like “what is this?”, but I couldn’t find one and was unable to make one small enough file-size to display properly on tumblr. GifCam isn’t helping, so this is the best I could find**

Still, if you’ve seen the show then you know what I’m talking about…

One thing that the IT Crowd is genius about is their ability to not quite break the fourth wall, but rather casually lean against it like the cool kid in high school. (For anybody who doesn’t know, the fourth wall is the barrier that seperates real life and the film world). They never flat out tell you that they’re in a TV show, but they will gently insinuate it. Nobody does this better than Richmond.

He defies gravity

That’s just plain cool…

On top of this, his poses are amazing

He also asks the real questions

And even Richmond knows how to get the ladies

Speaking of ladies…

His connection with Jen is adorable

I loved watching them together. Richmond was one of those that Jen really seemed to care about. In the IT Crowd Manual, Katherine explaines that she saw Richmond as a “Wounded bird, too fragile for the rest of the world”. She later goes onto explain that, “Noel’s not like that.” They’re totally night and day from each other. I was introduced to Noel through The IT Crowd and it was incredibly pleasing to see his real persona on The Big Fat Quiz of the Year, and The Mighty Boosh.

Goth OR Boss

From Goth to Boss, this guy can literally pull off whatever image he wants… as long as he’s not expected to act normal

All in all, his time on the show was short but sweet. Also, he’s the only one out there who got to do this:

Classic, Richmond.

In conclusion: Richmond Felicity Avenal kicks ass…PERIOD.

Stay Classy

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