I love those moments in fiction where someone looks at the person they’re falling in love/in love with and catches them at just the right moment: Where the light is hitting them at just the right angle and they look absolutely stunning. And their hearts suddenly fill with admiration and love and they realize just how deeply in love they are with the other.

I wonder how many times a day that happens to Roy and Riza…

Katya (Trixya) pt 3/? - Skyline

AN: Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay. Life happened as it so often does and I just got swept away in it. Kinda lost a little motivation and got stuck with this story (I’m a shit writer :P) so if anyone is interested in helping a girl out that would be greatly appreciated. Leave me some asks, I love hearing your guys’ feedback <3 - Skyline

Summary: Lesbian Trixya AU based off the incredible movie Carol, set in New York during the 50’s. Katya, a mother struggling through a messy divorce meets young, inexperienced Trixie at a department store and they hit it off.

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Back home again, fighting the Caribbean bacteria with antibiotics, stomach not happy. But I really had a GREAT trip, now looking at some of the photos :D

I’m getting literally sick from how much politics is everywhere right now.

It’s not because I don’t like it or agree with it. It’s that I’m shocked most of the subjects are even being argued on.

From Richard Spencer (the Nazi who was assaulted) to the inauguration to the Women’s March, it all seems nigh unbelievable to me that anything is a subject for debate when there are clear right and wrong answers to me.

And yet here we are.

My family both were affected by wwii. My mother’s side German with extreme Nazi ties, and my father’s being Italian (which being in America and being Italian was bad enough, much less having immigrated from Mussolini’s reign at the time.)

I was raised to apologize for what had happened because of my family, because of my ethnicity. I felt guilt speaking to survivors, to those still impacted by the war even in the new millennia.

And now I see people arguing why it’s OKAY to repeat the very actions that I apologize for and feel guilt over when I wasn’t even born yet.

Those sorts of people have always been around, I know. Just now, they feel like they can speak up, and be heard. Act, and be justified.

And that’s what’s scary to me.

This Town (Biadore) - Lemonade

A/N: Some lyrics are switched around, and some are interpreted differently for the flow of the story/sake of the plot. Here is the song this fic is inspired by. I also want to say I didn’t forget about I Don’t Know Him!! I have the outline for it, I’ve just been having a really hard time finding the motivation/voice to write (I say as I submit this monster of a one-shot).

Summary: Biadore AU. Roy takes a trip down memory lane.

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Small gems like her are as easy to lose as a cell phone, but instead of just getting a new one from the store you have to snatch it out of the air, lock it in your bathroom, and re-indoctrinate its entire system of beliefs

Dracula’s brides Ch. 11 (SHALASKA) - Frida and Wick

A/N: I don’t have much to say other than that there is a shout-out to an author I like hidden inside the fic. There’s some subtle hinting to Bianca’s backstory and well… we meet our band of (half-)witches! Have fun reading!

Like usual, Frida wrote the outline and I beta'ed it, edited it and added details! We sincerely hope you guys like!! IFeedback would be well appreciated!! xoxo Wick

TW: -

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