felicianoatyourservice and I have an idea.  We were discussing how to keep new members of the ring in the loop with all of the rps that are going on, since the newcomers are more likely to get confused.  We thought that perhaps on the Cardverse Blog, you could add a new page called ‘Timeline’ and it would keep track of the basic happenings and rps that occur in our ring.

To make it easier, the rpers would start an rp among themselves (Say, the King of Hearts and Queen of Diamonds have a sword duel that sparks a dislike between the two countries) and upon deciding that this should be added to the rings canon, they would fill out a short form with the event name, the characters included and a link to the starting post and submit it to you under a ‘timeline’ tag.  If an rper did not want their rp to be apart of the timeline, then they would simply not submit the event to you.  If this happens, then that rp would just be considered as ‘non-canon’

Now, sometimes the rps might decide on an event that does not have an rp attached to it, but they still wish to add it to the timeline.  In this case, they would simply put n/a where the link goes.  If an event effects more than two rpers, say, an entire kingdom, than it is up to the rpers involved to discuss the event among themselves before submitting it.

felicianoatyourservice and I believe that this would be an easy way to keep track of our rps and the rings growing story, not only for the new comers, but as a way to tell a relatively coherent story.


Ah, yes! This sounds very interesting! Maybe we could also all try tracking this tag so that we’d be on the up and up as well! That way, if for some reason you don’t feel like looking on the page, you can be constantly up-to-date.

And then with the private stuff, such as inter-personal relations (mainly smut and the like) would have like, “private” in the tags to avoid the possibility of “oh hey I know you slept with so-and-so because I saw it” because that doesn’t work unless it’s shown in the role-play, or maybe someone told you, etc. Just as a precaution. This way it could still be part of the timeline, but it wouldn’t be like everybody knows about it, if that makes any sense.

Otherwise, the idea sounds great! Thank you both for sharing!


@felicianoatyourservice I DIDN'T FORGET I'M JUST LATE

Francis sighed, turning down another street in the Hearts Kingdom. Another street. Another of what seemed like hundreds because goddamn, every single street in this stupid kingdom looked exactly the same. He could see the castle over all the buildings, the issue was getting from point A to point B, which was impossible. Growling, he kicked a loose stone across the street, his fists clenched at his sides.

Stupid kingdom. Stupid frilly gay-ass Hearts kingdom, with it’s stupid streets that all look the same. Stupid Hearts royalty that he had to talk stupid official business with. Stupid.

felicianoatyourservice replied to your postdoes anyone want to rp or something no okay I’ll…

Wait no I will if you want! But I mean I’m horrible at coming up with ideas so I don’t know what exactly we would do- Though the two of them probably got off on the wrong foot last time-

I’m horrible at coming up with ideas too, asdfdsf. I can’t even think of a place they’d run into each other–

asdfgfds. sorry.