feliciano x ludwig

GerIta #2: le friendzone
  • Germany: Italy I love you!
  • Italy: I love you too! You're my best friend!
  • Germany: ... *Broken heart noise.*
  • Italy: What was that noise? Something broke?
  • Germany: It may have been the window.
  • Italy: You don't have windows. You live in the dark.
  • Germany: It may have been the cat.
  • Italy: Germany you don't have cats.
  • Germany: Austria is a cat.

Titanic, Hetalia ships

Watching Titanic
  • <p> <b>Germany:</b> This evening we are watching The Inglorious Bastards.<p/><b>Italy:</b> But Ludwig, I wanted to watch Titanic with you...<p/><b>Germany:</b> Nein.<p/><b>Italy:</b> Please, Germany! Pleeeease. <p/><b>Germany:</b> Okay...<p/><b></b> [ One hour later ]<p/><b>Italy, crying like he never did in his whole life:</b> HE'S SCARIFYING HIMSELF FOR HEEEER<p/><b>Italy:</b> Germany?<p/><b>Italy:</b> Germany are you crying?<p/><b>Germany:</b> Nein, Italie. I'm not crying my eyes are sweating<p/></p>
Trans!Feliciano X Protective! Ludwig Highschool AU

y’all can fight me on this

Lud is not afraid to tHROW THE FUCK DOWN

and imagine the fuckin confusion on some creeps face when the muscular german man who just gave them a black eye suddenly just goes all soft and almost cries as he comforts his boyfriend

f ucking sAve my soul this AU is gon happenn 

but a thousand thoughts and images suddenly ran through his mind… Feliciano: beautiful, strange, wonderful Feliciano. Ludwig’s only, his everything. Feliciano running laughing through warm green grass, placing a flower in his jacket, smiling cheerfully for a photograph, gasping beneath him in a hayloft, clutching at his arms and pleading for them to run away together. Ludwig’s sight grew dim and blurred from the smoke and he reached across the cockpit for the red flower...

the ground approached, the wide green field rising up too fast to meet him. Ludwig pulled the plane into landing position, braced himself, and clutched the battered little flower to his chest. at the last second he closed his eyes. “Feliciano…”

Auf Wiedersehen, Sweetheart - Chapter 11

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pretty sure i know what i’ll be dreaming of

Ludwig you fool