I started writing a gerita with a pansexual aromantic Feliciano and the more I think about it and the more I plan it and write, the more I feel this headcanon being something I apply to APH Italy in general. I love seeing him like this. Also despite being aromanic, he absolutely loves romantic things. 

And because of this newish headcanon for Italy, I see the Valentine’s episode differently. Italy didn't’ get freaked out when Germany proposed because he proposed. He freaked out because he’s aro af. 

I like to think of Feli having these intense platonic bonds. He has something with Lud, but he doesn’t see romantic love as real. He thinks it’s all show, only in the movies. So when Ludwig falls in love with him, he’s like holy shit what do I do? ABORT! ABORT!

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Person A has recently been turned into a vampire, which is huge problem because they liked garlicy food. Person B accidentally cooks them something with garlic. fluff ensues Itager?

Pairing: GerIta (Germany x Veneziano/North Italy) (Human names used)


  • Veneziano/North Italy (Feliciano Vargas) as person A
  • Germany (Ludwig) as person B

Feliciano never gave much thought of how biased the life of a vampire was until he turned into one. Sunlight didn’t burn him as movies depicted, but it did made him much more tired than usual, he got sunburn easier, as well as his eyes were more sensitive to the light, needing to use shades when outside. Thankfully he didn’t had to sleep in a coffin! Water nor crosses burned him either. But the most annoying thing was the certain things that he had to eat. Yes, he needed to drink blood. His body demanded it in order to survive. But he could also eat normal food just for the heck of it, even if it didn’t fill him up as much as blood did. As happy as Feliciano was with this…he could not eat his beloved garlic. He LOVED garlic and any garlicy food. Yet with his heightened senses of taste and smell, if he consumed garlic his body reacted to it with an allergic reaction. Which was sad, really. He learned this the hard way. Now, there was only a handful of people who knew of his new vampirism state, and one of them was his beloved boyfriend Ludwig. As fearful as he was that Ludwig would try to drive a stake through his heart, he was relieved to find that Ludwig didn’t mind at all. Though having a new vampire boyfriend meant changing certain routines, and that could be…quite a problematic.

“Feliciano.” Ludwig called, knocking on the door to the master bedroom of their house. “Are you awake, Feliciano?” Ludwig heard a groan from inside. He rolled his eyes, walking into the room. The curtains were pulled over the windows, and on the bed Feliciano slept underneath the bedsheets. “Feliciano it’s time for lunch.”

“Ugh…five more minutes…” Feliciano hissed. Ludwig walked into the room casually.

“Come on Feli, you’ve been sleeping since we got back home.”

“As much as I loved the football game being out in the sun is SO tiring~”

“Come on now.” Ludwig then pulled the curtains open, letting the sunshine rain into the room. Feliciano let out a hiss, before rolling off the bed and falling to the floor.


“It’s not even directly hitting you.” Ludwig smiled. Feliciano looked up, a hand over his eyes as he groaned, sniffing the air.

“Is that spaghetti?”

“Your favorite.” Ludwig watched as Feliciano ran out of the room without another word. He followed his boyfriend, watching him pull the curtains of the kitchen before helping out with the plates and utensils. The two served themselves up some of the delicious lunch that Ludwig had prepared. Feliciano’s eyes glimmering.

“I’ll cook dinner tonight, alright?” Feliciano said happily.

“Very well. Though if you’re going out to hunt afterwards, please wash your hands and take off your shoes before entering the house. Deer blood is hard to get off the floor.”

“Hehe, sorry. Will do, Luddy!” Feliciano said cheerfully. He picked up the fork and began to eat up. Ludwig was a great cook. Not as great as Feliciano was in the terms of pasta and Italian food, but he was amazing no less. The enhanced senses helped Feliciano enjoy every bite, the flavors at the height of their best. It wasn’t until a few minutes in that Feliciano started to feel a strange sensation. His tongue began to itch, which seemed off, then the itching spread across his mouth, down his throat and ups his face. With the itching came burning, and suddenly it just intensified. Feliciano tried to play it off, taking another bite. Then it just snapped, the itching pain mixed with burning slamming into him like a train. Feliciano gasped before yelping, dropping his fork as he slapped his hands onto his face.

“F-Feli!” Ludwig stood up, hurrying over to him. “Feli what’s wrong?!”

“I…It hurts…!!!” Feliciano hissed. He let go of one of his hands, his eyes wide as tears started to fall, the white of his eyes red from what could be an allergic reaction. “It hurts…it hurts IT BURNS!!!” Feliciano screamed, standing up from his chair, knocking it over as he ran to the sink, he turned it on, using the sprinkler from it to douse himself with water, in his eyes and inside his mouth. He breathed heavily, the itching and burning spreading across his body. “CAZZO!!!” Feliciano gasped, running up the stairs, as he began to strip in the hallway, throwing his articles of clothing on the floor before running into the bathroom and turning on the shower. Ludwig stared dumbfounded, terrified. He walked back to the kitchen, trying to see if maybe Feliciano had touched something that could’ve hurt him. That’s when he noticed the small container of garlic dust that he had used in the cooking out of habit.


For the next hour Ludwig helped Feliciano in the shower, comforting him and rubbing ice cubes here and there to cool off his body and stop the itching. When they were done and Feliciano got dressed in his pajamas, Ludwig wrapped him in a bundle of blankets and carried him in his arms to the living room.

“Feli I am SO sorry I completely forgot about the whole garlic thing!” Ludwig said, stammering as the guilt caused an ache in his throat and heart. To hurt Feliciano was like a jab to his own heart, even if I was unintentional. Feliciano could only groan.

“But I love garlic…dammit…” Feliciano complained, not mad at Ludwig at all. He had done the same mistake many times before. His skin was red, he had rash patched across his body, tears unintentionally falling here and there. Ludwig sat down on the sofa, holding Feliciano in his arms.

“I’m so sorry, Feli.” Ludwig whispered, kissing Feliciano’s hands, cheek, head, and every part of the body where it seemed to hurt him.

“It’s fine, Luddy. I know it was an accident.” Feliciano insisted, sniffling as he snuggled up into Ludwig’s chest. “But now you have to make dinner.”

“No complaints with that.” Ludwig said, pulling Feliciano close to him, holding him in his arms as he gently stroke his hair. “I love you so much, Feli.”

“I love you too.” Feliciano said, opening one eye and pecking Ludwig’s lips before retreating back into resting against Ludwig’s chest. “I don’t feel like hunting tonight. Can we watch some movies instead?”

“Sure.” Ludwig reached for the remote control, turning the TV on for it to ironically show the old movie known as Nostrefatu.

“Oh come on!” Feliciano complained, causing Ludwig to laugh. Feliciano smiled, resting his head back as he purred at Ludwig’s touch. Being a vampire was going to take a long while to get used to…but if Ludwig was by his side, he knew that everything would be alright.

Everyone always draws Feliciano wearing such fashionable clothes when in reality he’s just like:

wearing himself on a shirt

expressing his love for his favorite meal

little cat printed at the bottom!!

that damn muscle shirt

His actual wardrobe is so precious look at it!!!!