Calvin and Hobbes nursery mural I was commissioned to paint.

Someone I know posted this on Reddit last night and it seems to have made the front page of Imgur which is neat. I figured I should post it on Tumblr as well, partially so I can clarify on some of the hilarious comments I have seen.

     1. No it was not for my baby. I have not given birth and never will.
     2. I am not claiming the image as my own nor am I claiming this is an original idea
     3. I took a photo with me in it because I figured it was easier than a watermark and it was good size reference.
     4. And no: I am not 14, I have never painted murals before, and I will not have sex with you.
     5. Yes I used a projector for the lines. I also painted it in acrylic paint. Achieving a watercolor effect with acrylic is a pain in the ass. 

The couple that asked me to paint the mural was super sweet and I had a lot of fun with it! That is all.


Hey everyone! So I finally finished my 4th sketchbook which I really had a ton of fun with. Here’s a super low quality GIF (thanks tumblr) and a few of my favorite drawings. Thank you all so much for your support so far (I’m almost at 10,000 followers holy s***)!! On to sketchbook #5!

Also, I’m sorry to all the lovely people who have been messaging me but I disabled the messenger feature because I’ve been getting some wierdos lately…this is an art blog I don’t understand why?? Feel free to send an ask though! 


Hi everyone! I have been busy setting up a shop on inprnt where you guys can purchase high quality prints of my work. They make really awesome giclee prints that you can use as posters or gifts or cat beds or something. I will be constantly updating it so make sure to check back!

Check it out: www.inprnt.com/gallery/feliciachiao/

Thanks a bunch!
(tl;dr: help Felicia pay her rent)