Calvin and Hobbes nursery mural I was commissioned to paint.

Someone I know posted this on Reddit last night and it seems to have made the front page of Imgur which is neat. I figured I should post it on Tumblr as well, partially so I can clarify on some of the hilarious comments I have seen.

     1. No it was not for my baby. I have not given birth and never will.
     2. I am not claiming the image as my own nor am I claiming this is an original idea
     3. I took a photo with me in it because I figured it was easier than a watermark and it was good size reference.
     4. And no: I am not 14, I have never painted murals before, and I will not have sex with you.
     5. Yes I used a projector for the lines. I also painted it in acrylic paint. Achieving a watercolor effect with acrylic is a pain in the ass. 

The couple that asked me to paint the mural was super sweet and I had a lot of fun with it! That is all.

feliciachiao asked:

Oh wow, thank you for the reblog. That got my drawing more attention than my whole blog combined.

Haha, you’re welcome. The drawing is awesome, I really like it (just like all your art on your blog by the way; very cool)!