felicia rogers


Amazing Spider-Man #227 and Marvel Knights Spider-Man #10

In 1982 Felicia was actively trying to trick Spider-Man into becoming an outright criminal so she could date him on her terms. 

In 2005 she was offering to do something illegal on his behalf so he didn’t have to and so spare him a guilty conscience, even though she knew she had zero romantic prospects with him.

And that kids is what we call character development. 


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Felicia was certain that Roger was avoiding her - which didn’t make sense to her. Why would he want to avoid his mother when she had come all this way? She kept seeing him, but as soon as she went to go talk to him it was as if he dissolved into the air. Her lips pursed in annoyance as she wondered what they had been telling her darling son to poison his thoughts against her - against himself. She looked around, a disapproving look marring her features. “This place is a disaster,” she muttered, loud enough to be heard only if one was listening. “Roger!” She called out as she saw his face in the crowd, quickly following after him. Only to find that he was gone again. “My son, Roger came this way. Did you see him?” She asked the first person she saw. “He insists on the nickname Roy.”