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After she asked me to curate a playlist over at her site, I couldn’t help but ask if Natasha over at Friends and Lovers would do the same in return! Here’s what she’s been listening to:

White Lionz by Marz Leon
A slinky and sinister electronic track from the innovative and gorgeously brow-ed Marz Léon. Big things coming from this gal in 2015.

Overdose by Maudlin Strangers
Dark, moody electronica with hints of The Neighbourhood and an irresistible chorus.

Don’t Know What You’ve Lost by Daniel Ahearn
A friend introduced me to this stunner of a track, featured in the soundtrack of indie flick The Ever After. Full of mellow synths and wistful vocals, heartbreak has never sounded so good.

Total Zombie by Day Wave
As half of the electropop group Carousel, Jackson Phillips brings the same unique vocals and sweet lyrical content on this hazy, lo-fi track, recorded under his solo project Day Wave. It might only be March, but if this doesn’t bring to mind summer bonfires, nothing does!

Used To Be by Natali Felicia
Dark and cinematic with brooding vocals and subtle strings, this heartbreakingly nostalgic track has the potential to be this year’s Video Games. 

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