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If MC and V were in a relationship and Rika came to try to take V back.
  • *knock knock*
  • MC: I'll get it dear!
  • MC: *opens door* ...
  • Rika: Jihy-
  • MC: *slams door in her face*
  • V: MC who was at the door, love?
  • MC: Oh, it was just some Girl Scouts selling cookies.
  • V: Oh! Did you get any thin mints!?

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Headcanon of the characters reacting to this blog? :"D

I’m just gonna do royals and neutral first since I wanted to write something but I don’t have a lot of time to write the entire thing. I’ll add on as I go! ( to go: children, and other chars )


Azura: She’s confused. What’s this? Why is there so many things about her kissing other people? Why are they somehow a little accurate? She’s terrified.

Kaze: He’s embarrassed. He doesn’t know how to respond when he’s scrolling through the blog and finds all the “NSFW Kaze” headcanons. He can’t look Corrin in the eye for a good month afterwards.

Felicia: She dies. Her face is as red as a burning tomato and she hides away in her room refusing to come out.

Jakob: He gasps and goes through all the asks correcting some things here and there. He leaves the NSFW asks alone though.

Silas: His happy expression just immediately drops and he runs to Corrin crying, holding a phone or whatever in his hands. He shows the blog to Corrin, and Corrin is horrified because of so many requests that include them.

Mozu: She’s too pure, don’t show her the NSFW asks. But she thinks that the requests that include cute relationships with her are adorable. She’s a little embarrassed by it.

Shura: “Oh god, what now?” followed by a gasp of terror.


Ryoma: He’s the eldest prince of Hoshido, he doesn’t have time for this. He reads the first ask that includes him and he just sighs and puts the phone down and leaves.

Hinoka: She’s flustered. However, whenever Azama pops up she just closes her eyes, breathes and scrolls past it. Her face gets red whenever she finds a NSFW ask and her scrolling gets a little bit faster.

Takumi: He’s dead, too. He sees all the LeoKumi asks and he’s sobbing internally. He also finds the Takumi thirst and feels a little proud, but also a little scared.

Sakura: Protect her, don’t show her the NSFW asks either. Keep it pure, and have NSFW blacklisted before you show her this blog. Sakura finds the platonic relationship headcanons super cute.


Xander: Don’t do this to him, he’s already got enough to deal with. He thinks the Laslow asks are pretty accurate, but he accidentally flings the phone across the room when the first kinky NSFW Xander request pops up.

Camilla: She has fun reading about her retainers, NSFW or not and it makes Selena really, really flustered. She also skims through requests about her beloved siblings, and laughs when she finds Leo/Tomato posts.

Leo: He makes funny expressions depending on what he finds. He screams when he finds the Leo/Tomato fanfic and he sobs for a week in his room. After reading a few tomato asks, Leo realizes how weird his love for tomatoes is. But that doesn’t stop him from eating 16 tomatoes everyday.

Elise: Please don’t. Just show her the cute, SFW ones. She’ll love reading them in her free time. Camilla also shows her some that poke fun at the siblings, and they giggle about it together.

“She is beautiful… Just as you my love”

Another pic of daddy Cullen but this time, with mommy too :D And of course with little Christina <3

I decided to drew Feli with a bit longer hair because I was wondering how she would look like :D

Seriously… Drawing little babies is hard as hell x_X

Pose based on photo found in google

Corrin’s Retainers + Azura Halloween Headcanons

As promised, the other half of the ask +_+

Jakob - Jakob is not particularly interested in Halloween. It seems mostly for children. He’ll indulge in it, however much Corrin cares to indulge in it. He’ll accompany them to haunted houses and let them use him as a shield to hide behind whenever an actor pops out. He will absolutely threaten an actor who tries to chase Corrin.

Felicia - Felicia will go trick or treating with Corrin, but will fall and drop her candy several times throughout the night. Some of her allies will take pity on her and give her candy to make up for the candy she lost in the dark. Brings a lot of snacks to share with Corrin and others.  If she’s in charge of handing out candy, there’s a very good chance she’ll accidentally give way too much candy away and be out before an hour has passed.

Flora - Flora plans out a route a day before Halloween for Corrin to go trick or treating with. Walks the route a couple times before doomsday to make sure there’s nothing wrong with it and nothing changed since she last walked it. Observes the houses to see which ones yield the most candy to visitors and gives the information to Corrin.

Kaze - Out of everyone, Kaze is the most disturbed when told a scary story. Specifically, the ones about ghosts. He sincerely does not enjoy them and can be set on edge by them. He enjoys the softer side of Halloween, the pumpkin carving and all the drinks that taste like pumpkin. Will shadow Corrin if they go out trick or treating to make sure everything goes okay.

Silas - Silas will usually help out at fairs doing whatever is asked of him, being an actor at a haunted house, helping out with face painting, etc. One of the easier targets to scare with scary stories, it helps that he’s kind of gullible. He’ll watch bad scary movies with cheap gore with Corrin.

Gunter - A stern father who makes sure Corrin and the rest of their retinue has flashlights and a map if they go out trick or treating. Infamous among the youth for giving a single piece of candy to all the trick or treaters and not a single piece more. It’s usually those weird grandpa candies that don’t have any brand on them and have that strawberry wrapping. He’ll sit down with a nice cup of tea and watch old movies when he’s not answering the door.

Azura - When Halloween rolls around, Azura does what she does best - tell a goddamn mean scary story. Even some of the most unshakeable in the army will feel a little uneasy. She’s often asked to be an actor at haunted houses, due to her hair being so long that she could look like the girl from the ring if she pulled her hair over her face.

I have this headcanon that Felicia isn’t good at normal maid stuff(cooking, cleaning, idk making tea) but she’s especially good at fighting!

That new Fire Emblem If trailer is so good!! I’m ready to invest my soul into this game. Also I thought Fire Emblem amie was fake?? But it’s not??? Like I still can’t believe it I’m so conflicted yet excited wHAT IS THIS