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in light of me distressing pudgetaire with a slew of happy ending memphis aus, i figured i’d share:

  • slow morning kisses between them before it all went to shit
  • think of their wedding, bc huey would definitely cry when delray walked her down the aisle and gator would laugh at him and give him a handkerchief
  • huey bouncing a little baby girl on his knee while he broadcasts and Felicia sings beside him
  • (i’m only convinced of them w/ a girl bc they would fight so damn hard for her to have the life felicia was convinced she could never have, and huey would hold her hand and cradle his child and follow behind her)
  • think about them finally getting to coney island, honeymoon or otherwise, and holding hands on the ferris wheel when huey realises shit i’m scared of heights, and him winning her a ridiculous teddy bear that’s half her size
  • them taking their little baby back when she’s old enough to ride things and taking polaroids as huey tries to feed her ice cream and only ends up with both of them covered and felicia kisses it away from his nose and cradles her little baby to her chest and delray (dragged against his will ofc) takes a photograph of them that ends up pride of place on their mantlepiece and every time they see it they smile because their little family might not be perfect but it’s /theirs/ and they never thought they’d get this, not ever
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“You’re the man I love
and the brother I need
but you’ve both been getting on my nerves.”

I saw Memphis tonight! My amazing friend asked me to meet her for dinner and then surprised me with tickets. (It was playing in the Toronto Centre for the Arts, former home of what was clearly my favourite thing ever, Jersey Boys.) Spoiler alert, I guess - can you spoil staged Broadway musicals that have been around for years?

We loved the first half, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t immediately have some reservations about the “white guy walks into a bar and promises to finally put the struggling black singer on the radio” plot. It’s been 5 months and I’m still trying to figure out how I feel about The Help, so obviously I wasn’t going to be able to consolidate my concerns with what was actually happening on stage in the first act alone.

It turned out that I didn’t really have to, though, as the second act put most of my fears to bed. Felicia Farrell got hers. See those lines of dialogue up there? She was talented and wonderful and she told the men in her life when they needed to back off. She had to choose between a career and her boyfriend. She chose her career and everything worked out fine. She left Memphis, became a huge star on her own terms and got engaged to another man. No hesitation and no regrets. Fucking coolest.

You don’t quite realize how rarely you see powerful women in movies or on stage until you actually see a powerful woman in a movie or on stage. 9 out of 10 stories that start the way Memphis did would end with either:

A) A squirmy white saviour trope that makes everyone uncomfortable but rakes awards and sets everybody back by existing, or
B) Felicia realizing the error of her ways (hah), dumping her fiance and getting back with her Memphis boyfriend.

The curtain wound up coming down on the cast with Felicia front and centre singing about not letting anyone steal your rock and roll. I found myself wondering if it was really the last song - could I actually be seeing a successful, happy ending for the heroine, completely independent of her men or her white people? I can only hope that the day will come when such celebrations of women are so commonplace that I don’t even think to question it.

Congratulations to Killian Donnelly and Beverley Knight for their Olivier Award nominations for their roles as Huey Calhoun and Felicia Farrell in Memphis the Musical!

Memphis also earned nominations for Best Supporting Actor for both Rolan Bell and Jason Pennycooke, Sound Design, Costume Design, Choreography, Outstanding Achievement in Music, and Best New Musical.