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Okay I am FUCKING FUMING. I left this comment for a girl earlier who I felt genuinely upset for because I’d noticed her comments a few times asking for help etc to Felice and being ignored and I’d had enough.

So I replied to her earlier knowing it feels so shit when you reach out and are completely ignored. 

Now my reply has been deleted and I’ve been blocked.




So you can’t be bothered to reply to her still Felice but you won’t let other people do it for you? I am sickened to my stomach.

Fucking defend that “fans” go on. She denies pretty much all of you any recognition every day when you try to talk to her or ask for advice (even though she is not in the position mentally to give it).

I have to say I am so angered by this. Especially since I offered to personally speak with the girl and she’s deleted it before she probably even saw. Disgusting.

To all you not in the know: Felice doesn’t give a shit about your problems.

Black Altar Apparel

Funny how Lauren is “modelling” for Black Altar Apparel when Mila Mortice was modeling for them originally:

External image

At least Mila knows how to model clothes

Unlike Fawny-pantsless here who does not either know how to model clothing or does she know how to model at all (spoiler alert: she doesn’t know either):

External image

(Nice thinspo shot, jackass. I guess this is what Fawn calls modeling; allowing your rib cage to just pop out like that)

You don’t even know what she’s modelling here or what the brand even is because she’s not modeling the item properly. As one tumblr user stated:

“If Felice Fawn’s face wasn’t so irritating I’d dig the new Black Altar Apparel shot. When you are modeling a product you generally make the shot about the product- and not your own face. You can barely see the jacket in the shadows under her overly brightened globe of a head. She has a rare breed of unprofessionalism called vanity.”  -blackolypse

Who’s copying who now, Fawny?

Let’s be real Fawnz; Mila is a better model than you if she can properly model clothing for a brand and has graced their facebook page and their advertisement(s). I do believe Mila just out-modeled you. Pwned.

External image

Edit: fixed my hilarious spelling errors.

I really can’t fucking believe that Felice says she is ‘recovering’ when she looks like she did at her LOWEST weight in these photos taken a few days ago.

I mean, honestly, what the fuck is going on? She’s looking sicker and sicker every day.

External image

This was near her lowest weight years ago. There’s hardly a difference yet people are saying she’s looking healthier. Such bullshit. Everyone needs to stop supporting her eating disorder.

She needs to be sent to inpatient where she can make some real progress towards recovery and won’t be tempted to kill her liver even more with drinking every single day. Don’t blame your father or the healthcare system Lauren, your alcoholism is your own doing. Drinking alone every day and night instead of actually getting a job is finally catching up to you.

When will Felice's fans realise...

…that when we say “Felice should stop taking triggering photos”

We are NOT saying the following:

  • her body is shameful
  • she shouldn’t be allowed to be in photos
  • she should hide herself away
  • she is to blame for everyone’s eating disorders
  • everyone with an eating disorder is triggered by Felice

What we ARE saying is:

  • she has an eating disorder and so she knows what is like for people with eating disorders when they see other girls that are very thin
  • she knows what triggering is
  • she knows that many many of her fans have eating disorders
  • she knows that many many of her fans are impressionable young girls
  • she knows when she takes a photo purposefully jutting her bones out that it will be triggering for some people

Why should she be excused? She is doing it on purpose. It may well be that it is part of her illness, yes, that she takes photos of herself so she can see for herself how thin she is. But that does not justify her spreading them all over the internet for all to see. Of course I don’t think anyone with an eating disorder should be ashamed of their body, but purposefully using your thin body, despite knowing it will harm others immensely (the countless times we have seen someone say they have cut and starved themselves after seeing new photos of Felice is so upsetting) when you do thinspo poses, is just wrong.

There is no excuse for it. She knows what she’s doing. It’s not okay.

External image

What a suprise, Felice is ditching her rottweiler when she moves, just like last time. You can’t just pick up and drop animals you’ve chosen to care for whenever you want. She’s obviously doing it so wherever she moves to doesn’t know a massive dog will be in the property chewing through electric wires and pissing everywhere, but no. You call them your “fur children” but you wouldn’t do that too your child.

Information needed for picture requests.

Hey, I’ve avoided some requests because I just don’t know and am clearly not a big enough superfan/jealous hater to know about it.

1. Can someone give me information/examples about Felice wearing fur? As one requester has asked me to do something on her ’hypocrisy’ of ‘loving animals’ but wearing fur. I would like some proof she has done this.

2. Can someone tell me more about Felice and Rich's alleged numerous break ups? An anon wants a picture of them breaking up 1000s of times, but I need information on what happened and why to do this well.

3. What does superfan Rebecca look like? An anon has just requested this one, and said they will provide pictures. Rebecca it’s cool that you think my art is so damn amazing and super kewl that you want a portrait done, I don’t mind you coming off anon ;). Also which is her account?

So if you guys could just inbox me with that info that would be great!

Received several messages from a young woman, she said she doesn't mind being anon or not but I'm reposting them all together and anonymous to save her from haters..

(1 I don’t know why exactly I’m telling you this or what benefit it has but I’ll tell you anyway because everyone likes a bit of praise every now and then. It’s important to notice that I have never in my life suffered from any mental illness, so that first of all goes against people who say ‘the people who Felice triggers are the one that are suffering anyway’ and the 'there’s many other people who trigger people’ so I just want to share my own short story with you to prove why they’re wrong.

(2)The start of last year I became so obsessed with Felice Fawn. She was EVERYWHERE and unlike all these other thinspo sites where they would post individual people& you would rarely see the same person twice, Felice Fawn was a person who supplied thinspo after thinspo that you really didn’t need any other sites for it, because you have this person who you could easily go to. I didn’t like my weight just as much as the next girl, but seeing Felice Fawns ‘photoshopped size’ although I wouldn’t…

(3)wouldn’t admit it at the time started to make me feel sad about my weight. even more Felice thought that it was a positive thing to show her before weight, but it only made my obsession wither her worse for me. She was not someone who was slim, and got so much praise and love for it, but she was someone who once bigger then I was, and if she could change from being overweight to where she was that day in just about 3-4 years at that time, then so could I? I even started thinking that other..

(4)weren’t that slim’ because of how slim Felice made herself look, I started to think that she was the most ‘ideal look’ not realising that half of it was photoshopped. Not only was it her weight but it was her face. Her face had changed so much. She went from a good looking girl, to this unreal flawless looking girl. I thought it was impossible to look like that, and be that flawless. But thought to myself, if she’s changed so much I could right? For 3 months I checked her blog everyday..

5) I wanted to change my looks completely like she did. Don’t get me wrong it just her that made me like that, that made me not want to eat, mad eme think my looks weren’t right and ugly, but it was her fans too. I remember reading so much about people loving Felice because she was apparently beautiful and slim, and gave no other reason apart from that. Sorry for it being so long, but I just wanted to share that with you. Most of the sites I started following last year have been took down but..

6) but I am eternerly grateful for them, and for all the others who run blogs like these and just to say thank you, and for showing us the truth. Because if I never found these blogs my diet, my obsession with looking perfect could of went worse, and I would never of let myself admit that she was so thin and her face changed so dramatically because she photoshopped them all. Blogs like these made me realise that. so thank you so much, keep doing what you’re doing, we NEED blogs like these!

Thank you for sharing. I am so glad we have helped, this is why I blog!

Felice Fawn 2013 Master Post?

Anyone willing to do a break down of the atrocious things Felice has accomplished this year? I’d really like to but I need to get some other things done this weekend and I think there’s others who’d be much better at it! Just thought someone else might be interested in doing it.

I was thinking like a master post of scams and seriously offensive things she has said and done. Evil Trinity, Ghostly Chic, the hepatoxicity/cirrhosis, etc? 

Because really when you look at it all together its horrific and kind of hilarious.

Friendly reminder that people involved in “freelice” are all different individuals who have their own thoughts, beliefs and methods of sharing information. We may share a general aim of spreading truth but we are all very different people with different lives away from the small amount of time we spend running these blogs. Just FYI you know, some people find it hard to grasp that.

Additionally I’d like to say I am NOT anti-Felice. Rather I am anti-thinspo, anti-suffering, anti-lying and anti-scamming. And very very very pro-truth. 

I do not “hate” Felice Fawn. This is not a hate blog. This is a truth-blog.

samanthajoirene  asked:

Can you recommend good felice truth blogs?








That’s enough to be going on with! But there’s lots more and it’s growing fast as Felice’s antics become more ridiculous. You can find more looking at the felice fawn tag.