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Kitchen Mission

A/N: Spamano week, day 2! Also, what you’re reading is based on real events. Also they’re like 11 years old. 

Prompt: Sleepover (Child AU).

“Lovi.” Antonio shook his shoulder. He had to be quiet. Not only was it past one am, but Lovino’s house was currently full. His parents, his grandfather, his cousins and his uncle and aunt were all staying over. In hindsight it had been a terrible idea to schedule a sleepover tonight, but theirs had been preplanned. Not his fault that Lovino’s whole extended family decided to drop in virtually impromptu. “Loviii,” Antonio hissed.

“What? I’m awake,” Lovino slurred. The dark silhouette of his hand rubbed his eyes. Lovino raised his head. They were staring at each other, though they didn’t know it. The only light came from the moon, shining through the window outside. 

Both of them cast their poor night-vision to the floor, where Lovino’s cousins and Feli were snoring away in sleeping bags. Lovino had kicked Feli off the bed so that Antonio could be comfortable. Lovino was so thoughtful! 

“I’m hungry.” 

Lovino yawned. “So am I.”

“What do we do?”

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Good Night

GerItaPan poly au, snuggly night times.

Part 1 here. Part 2 here.

Kiku is snuggling with Feliciano on the couch while Ludwig makes dinner for the night. It’s how it works during the weekends. They each try to make a meal for the day. Kiku taps his computer, playing his game seriously. Feliciano is resting his head on Kiku’s shoulder, saying silly comments and cheering him on. When Ludwig calls that food is ready, Kiku lets his character run into a wall and stay there. He also lets Feliciano drag him over to the dinner table where Ludwig has prepared food for them.

Only a few times does Feliciano try to pass off his steak to Aston underneath the table. Ludwig catches him, scolding him about proper dog diets. If Aston gets too spoiled by people food he won’t eat his own regular food and then Feliciano will cry about him not eating. Kiku on the other hand is successful in giving Aston a small dollop of mashed potatoes while Ludwig is busy talking.

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mmd-ask-italy  asked:

How would Germany react if Italy got super angry, it doesn't have to be at him. Like Italy had just like a really crappy week, and stumped his toe on the cabinet and he just has it and starts cussing out this cabinet.

Feli is super laid back so it has had to been A SUPER TOUGH WEEK like

someone stole the pasta he just made, or like a batch of pasta was ruined

All his paper work is behind and he lost a document for the third time.

His brother hasn’t talk to him in weeks

Kiku must be too busy to talk and therefore can’t hangout at their favorite café

And to top it all off his and Germany’s schedules don’t match so like Germany leaves before he wakes up and by the time Italy gets home Germany is asleep on the couch with some take out half eaten on the table because feli wasn’t home to make dinner.

Its Friday night and he just came home found out he has to work on Saturday as well. He see Germany asleep on the couch,sees a half eaten Döner , puts a blanket on him and goes to find himself something to eat. he is heading out of the kitchen and then he stubs his toe on a table in the hall and he goes FULL LOVINO LIKE JUST ITALIAN SWEARS EVERY FOR GOD SAKE HE OPENED HIS EYES HES THROWING HIS HANDS. Not all Italians do this but lots of them that I know of talk with their hands when angry and the Vargas brothers are no exception.



*in Italian if vaffanculo isn’t cutting it for you and you need to be more insulting just talk trash about family members ESPECIALLY somebody’s mom like that’s how you get into a fight within ten seconds in Italy but you didn’t learn these swears from me 🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐*


* this is Italian for you son a bitch but it literally translates as your mother gives blow jobs for a living. once again I didn’t teach you these swears 🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐*



and Germany just sits up confused and stunned. Without even hesitating He d walk over grab feli who is red faced and put him in his lap and cover him in the blanket too and he’d sit and listen to feli vent. Then feli would probably cry because he is a super emotional person and Ludwig would rub his back and kiss his forehead and then feli would just tell him about the good times they had together to think of something happy. They d probably fall asleep together.

TO BE HONEST this happening is pretty rare because Ludwig knows Felicianos schedule and what needs to be done. He takes time out of his day to make sure they eat all meals together and go to bed at the same time even if he has to stay up.

-Mod Lexie

sterrenstoff-deactivated2017022  asked:

Lud making a portret of feli with either pencils/paint w/e as part of the drawing lessons hes doing with feli and like felis i guess encouraging him to just draw what he feels/sees and lud feels its somehow highly sensual drawing felis face bc he has to study it in such detail also he doesnt want to portray him ugly etc etcc. So do your thingggg, i'm looking forward to it :)

(@aph-germany i’m @’ing u bc i don’t think tagging u would show up)

Ludwig frowns at the paper. There’s…technically, there’s nothing technically wrong with the drawing, it just looks off somehow. The Feliciano on the paper stares up at him nothing like how the Feliciano sitting in the chair across from him looks at anything.

Feliciano scoots out of his chair and over to Ludwig’s side to look at the paper, forestalling Ludwig’s half-hearted attempt to hide it. “So how’s it coming?”

“…Not well.”

“Well, it’s a start!” Feliciano leans on Ludwig’s shoulder, face so close next to his that their cheeks touch. “Hey, do you really think I’m that handsome?”

“Wh –” There’s no way out of this that isn’t going to be embarrassing, so Ludwig heads for the most truthful one and mumbles a “yes”. Feliciano giggles.

“So could you hand it to me so I could get a closer look?”

“It’s not – it’s not done yet.”

“Oh?” Feliciano cocks his head. “Well my whole face is there and you didn’t say you wanted to color it and really this paper wouldn’t be a good one for coloring unless it was with paint –”

“No, that’s not – that’s –” Ludwig gestures rather feebly. “It’s missing your…you.” Too late, he realizes the hole this conversation has suddenly dug him into, and too late, he is quiet.

A wide smile begins to spread across Feliciano’s face, soft and reaching to his eyes and crinkling their corners, and that’s what’s missing. “My me?”

Ludwig fumbles for the right words for a moment and comes out with “Your – your…liveliness?” Feliciano, still smiling, leans forward so that his hands slide down Ludwig’s shoulders and his arms wrap around him, and Ludwig loses his tongue for a second. Regaining it, he continues, “It’s missing your personality and I don’t know if I can draw that there’s…a lot of it. And it’s…it’s really, I don’t know if I can draw your personality – your heart into this and do it any kind of justice, there’s just – there’s so much of it and I don’t, I don’t think there’s ever going to stop being more, or there’s ever going to be a point where I could put it down on paper because that would stop it from – from being alive in the picture, and. That’s, um. That’s what’s missing. I think.” His face is too hot, and he’s said too much, probably.

Feliciano, still draped over Ludwig’s shoulders, laughs into his neck (it almost sounds a bit shy). “What I do is, if I’m drawing someone and worried about that, I think about one part of them I really like and then that comes through, you know, in their face and the colors I use if I do and – it takes a ton of practice, though, so.”

“…You expect me to choose?”

Feliciano laughs again and calls him a flatterer.

 Imagine Lovino being the type of person who hogs up the bathroom by making suave faces in the mirror while Feliciano is just like “I NEED TO PEE LET ME PEE” and eventually forces his way in the bathroom and then he gets distracted by making faces but Feli isn’t as smooth as Lovino so he makes goofy faces instead and Lovino gets tired of his bullshit so he kicks him out and then Feliciano accomplishes nothing becaUSE HE STILL HAS TO PEE AND HIS BROTHER IS JUST MAKING STUPID SUAVE FACES IN THE MIRROR