feli why this



F: lol idk but wasn’t that funny?? :D


F: aw heck!! I knew I shoulda used lasagna!!


Honest Answer from you

Last night i thought of this new phrase :

“I would become Yuri for Felis”

Why Yuri? - Yuri on Ice , the hit this Winter 

& what about the meaning ? Simple:

I would saay , for us anime fans , GAY is obselete so -

the phrase means :

I would become gay for Felix 

Tell me what you thnink XD if it catches or not ;) Comment , Like , Share

Do it for Felix :)

astraltactician  asked:

Sorry my previous ask was so general ^^; Going past that, could I request some fluff with Ai, his s/o, and a kitten? With the kitten hogging the s/o's attention and Ai getting jealous :)

Sure thing! :3

“Ai, stop that look.”

“What look?”

You sighed, reverting your attention back to the little kitten on your lap, stroking its soft fur lovingly, earning a mew from it in response. The one who found it was your boyfriend and the one who insisted that you take it home was obviously, you.

The little creature had black and white fur and green eyes resembling those of a meadow. It appreciated even the small, insignificant things you did like petting for instance. It enjoyed your company and soon got attached.

“Who would leave such a precious thing out there in a box…it loves us so much.” You mumbled, playing with the kitten’s paws, annoyed by the thought.

“Correction one. It loves you. Remember, he scratched me?” Ai spoke up, sitting on a chair, using the top of the headrest to rest his chin.

You chuckled at the memory. “Yes, wait it’s a he?” You turned your head to your boyfriend, who averted his eyes to the windowsill.

“Affirmative.” He replied.

“Adorable!” You giggled. “Can I name him Kuro?”

“I’m sure Ranmaru would be honored.” Ai sarcastically muttered, drawing a glare and pout from you. He raised his hands in mock surrender. “Alright. Name it what you want.”

Till date Mikaze Ai has only experienced the emotion called jealousy twice. Once when Ranmaru patted your head complimenting you a little too seriously, he was ready to yell and cry about because the uneasy pit-like feeling in his heart told him to. Second, when you were looking at Kuro like as if he was the only thing in the world.

Oh goodness, it’s just a kitten, Ai. Felis domesticus. Why are you jealous? He questioned himself and felt a frown tug at the edges of his lips.

“Ai…” He heard you trail off.


“Are you jealous of a cat…?”

Screw you. Was it THAT obvious?! He narrowed his eyes. It was pointless to deny the truth. “Affirmative. Why are you paying him so much attention? You can pet me too.” He said, altogether too quickly and you bit back laughter but that was pointless as you exploded into a fit of giggles.

“Uh…” Ai felt his mouth shut, heat in his cheeks. He was…embarrassed…? “Pretend I didn’t say that.” He whispered under his breath. “I don’t know what’s over me right now.”

“You’re jealous. Of a kitten. Hogging my attention.” You filled in the blanks and he pouted, the kitten mewed.

“You get jealous when I talk to a fan. Or remember that time you didn’t like it when that 5 year old girl in the park followed me around calling me “ouji-sama”?“ He countered in his defense and you rolled your eyes at that embarrassing memory.

“Those are humans…” You mumbled, squaring your shoulders.

“Jealousy is jealousy.” He lips curled into a half smirk.

You groaned, clearly he won this argument. Your fingers brushed across the back of Kuro’s ears and he clambered on your lap in response. You smiled at him. Until another heavier head lay on your other leg.


“I am using my lap pillow.” He stated.

“When did I become your lap pillow?!” You laughed, unable to glare.

“Since today.” He eyed Kuro. “My lap pillow.”

“Nyaaa~” Kuro cried before turning his head to you, his green eyes pleading for more pets.

You sighed and whispered softly to yourself. “Lord save me from you two. Cuteness overload.”

anonymous asked:

Headcanons that Lovino always calls Antonio when he's sick because he's the only one who makes him feel 1000x better, and Toni stays with him until Lovi recovers completely

asdbjkanklds oh my, imagine lovino wanting to call & have antonio by his side every time he gets sick, for the most serious situations of flu to something as simple as a sore throat because the italian really just wants his boyfriend’s support & comfort & good soups & warm hot coco & hugs & head massages & overall existence in his home. 

sometimes feliciano will hide the phones, in order for lovino to get used to not having to call antonio. feli is always like ‘antonio’s probably busy anyways!’’

& yet somehow antonio himself will be ringing the front door of the vargas house because his ‘lovi needs me’ senses were tingling.


Transparent little North American brothers because they are so smol cute and need more love ♥ :’)

dear gerita fic writers:

why does feli always gotta die? you come into my home, under my roof, in front of my own mother, with a description of something that seems cute. you show me no tags that include “angst”, “sad”, or
“character death”. and then you just. WHOOP. like a rug yanked out from beneath my feet. ya either kill him off or make the scene you were describing just a memory. why you gotta make luddy cry? why you gotta make him sad all the time? why you gotta make his boyfriend dead? jesus fucking christ