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Hello! In an effort to connect more with all of you lovely citizens of Tumblr/Deviantart, I come with a proposal, and would definitely appreciate feedback!

  • A livestream once a week (date and time can be arranged by general consensus) hosted over at twitch.tv, in which I will be either streaming any drawing I’m currently working on (there’s many ahead!) or simply doodling stuff you guys throw at me over the chat. I note that they will be doodles since I actually have to draw for a living and full-on requests are things I stopped doing a long time ago, replaced by paid commissions now. So yes, the doodles are completely free. 
  • Styles will vary, of course. I am very flexible when it comes to adopting art styles, hence why sometimes you will see me drawing in a semi-animé style, while most of the time you will see me drawing in the cartoonish ”Disneyish/Dreamworkish” style as you guys like to call it hah. So yes, diversity in stream content will surely be a thing.
  • This is also a chance for some of you to look at the way I work very closely since I get asked about my linework a lot, so maybe this will help!

That is the main idea behind it. What I’d like to know is how many people would be interested in me hosting something like this. I am a busy person but since my work consists of drawing and I’ll be opening commissions up on Deviantart again, I figure sharing my workspace with you guys would be a nice thing to do. 

Honestly, if like, 5-10 people alone are interested I will definitely do this at least for a while to see how you like it, what to improve on, and mostly just for fun.

JUST BLUEPRINTS OVER HERE, still gotta decide if I should do it with a mic on or not, or just mute with music, I DUNNO. Basically, if you ARE interested,please please please let me know by reblogging/replying to this post letting me know so, as well as giving some feedback and ideas of your own on how to make it a cool thing!


TL;DR: would you like me to stream my fucking drawings once a week bitch

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Hey guys. I usually don’t like doing posts like this, especially with someone I used to call a friend and one whom is quite well-known, but I can’t hold back. After being friends with ‘felitomkinson’ for a number of years, only now do I realise she is not the person I thought she was. I felt too shy to confront her in person, so I’ll leave the evidence here. Im not telling you how to think, I’m just showing you the problematic things shes done and I’ll let you be the judge. Overall, im so disappointed in this person I used to consider my sister. Without further delay, heres a list of problematic things:

(under read more because its long)

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Just wanted to give a big thanks.

I don’t ever get tired of expressing how grateful I am that you guys enjoy and support my work. It’s always extremely gratifying to have been losing so much sleep over a drawing and when it’s finally all over getting an overwhelmingly heartwarming response on said piece. It makes every minute spent on the drawing worth it. And I’m talking about everyone here, the wave of new followers, and even people working on the games I love keeping my spirits up telling me they’re passing my gallery around the office and having a good time with it. That’s pretty fucking fantastic.

Gracias. <3