dixonbell  asked:

About cat breeds - what is your opinion of the Oriental type breeds such as Siamese and Tonkinese, and Ragdolls? I love them but am unsure about their longevity and overall health.

Ragdolls either have a gorgeous temperament or are psycho stress balls and have no in between. Siamese and Tonkinese are generally vocal, but have fairly stable personalities.

When I say the health of purebred cats is hit or miss, I mean they either get something like kidney disease at 7-10 years of age, or they go on and live until they’re 20 with barely a hiccup.

Congenital renal diseases are a common problem, as are viral infections (chronic herpes virus, FeLeuk, FIP), but the viral infections are more of a cattery management issue. The less cats in the environment, the easier this is to control.