my feleuk+ foster baby delly~

she’s been with us a couple of months now and has put on a little over 1.5lbs!  she brought a bought of ringworm with her from the shelter, which is under control at least.  we thought we had it beat, but it seems to be popping up again where it started.  poo.

she has also had a cold for over 3 weeks now.  i mean, she has a compromised immune system and all, so it isn’t something she can fight off on her own.  she went to the clinic last week and got a shot to help her along.  this week is more of the same though, so we started her on some doxy.  she is still happy as a clam though, which is great.

we should have her through new years, and then it is back to the shelter with her little fattened up bad self. <3