Star Wars Forces of Destiny: Am I Stupid to be Excited for This?

The official pitch:

Star Wars Forces of Destiny is an original series of animated shorts which explore the untold stories that helped shape the destinies” of Rey, Jyn Erso, Princess Leia, Sabine Wren, Padmè Amidala, Ahsoka Tano, and others.

Now onto the trailer…

The animation is…well, it’s simple. Very simple. And no doubt incredibly inexpensive. The way that only the eyeballs and lips move in certain scenes is creepy and unsettling, and reminds me of the cheapest-of-the-cheap cartoons from the 1950s and ‘60s.

That said, I like that it’s 2D. And there are small moments in this trailer (Rey touching BB-8′s lense, for example), that make me think the directors have realized the limitations of the animation and are planning to use subtly and nuance in place of CG spectacle and (detailed) movement.

Plus, it’s going to feature Leia, Rey, Jyn, Sabine, Hera and Ahsoka! Not only that, but Daisy Ridley, Felicity Jones, Tiya Sircar, Ashley Eckstein and Lupita Nyong’o are doing the voices!

I’ve gotta say, I’m way more interested in what they’re doing with this than whatever they’re planning to do with the Han Solo movie. What about you? Are you excited? Hesitantly expectant? Completely turned off?

Star Wars Forces of Destiny debuts on July 3rd on Disney’s YouTube channel. After that, a new short will debut on their YouTube channel daily at 1pm EST, culminating in a full episode being broadcast July 9 on the Disney Channel. 

The Four Times You and Cisco Had Sex

Cisco Ramon x Reader

Warnings: Smut! Oral sex (male receiving and female receiving)

Word count: 2K+


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Felec is an apathetic spirit who works as a reaper. One day there is a crime in the Underworld and he is blamed and sentenced to Soul Shatter, the equivalent of death sentence for spirits. To clear his name, he must go to the world of the living and find the real culprit. He must uncover the truth behind the real murderer before it is too late. But beware…the truth might be too much for him to take.

Expiatora is a mystery/horror game created in RPG Maker VX ACE. A story about grudges, destructive relationships, trust and escapism. And spirits. Angry spirits.

OC Cameo Appearance - NPCs wanted!

We prefer not to post much posts about Expiatora to avoid spoilers, but the game has several references and cameos. Most of the demo occurs in the Underworld; before everything went awry for our poor doomed protagonist (Felec is unlucky like that).

Anyway, there are two important maps in the Underworld: the Downtown (see below) and outside the Dirge (the place of work for the reapers, see above).  So now your character might appear in Expiatora as a NPC. (Don’t worry about the sprites, we’ve got it covered. Ah, and btw the ghost sprites are just placeholders)

Here are the conditions:

  • They must be human. Age doesn’t matter.
  • A title is required (like “Muffin-lovin´ Man”, “Hopeless Girl” or something).
  • They can say whatever they want. Like a reason of how they arrived into the Underworld/work as a reaper (there are two locations, remember it well!), complain about their job, etc. 2 texts messages are fine.
  • If you want your character to be a reaper, they’ll have to wear the custom uniform (seen here and here).

We have 20 slots available, so you can send your (colored) character via message at expiatoraproject@outlook.com. There is no actual deadline due to time complications …….Anyway, have fun!