Almost all of the main ‘cast’ of characters to the story Mein Kampf.

We have: Addler, Else, Fekla, Moskau, Struselwerfer, Wassauf, and Zucher Kuchen.

That means that I didn’t draw Wienershnitzle, Ludwig, Julliana, or Killian.

Oh yeah, there are several.

Anyway, these are some little experiments in art I was trying. Figured I would make cute doodles and see how they turned out. Not too shabby.

These are some of my and my sister’s characters form a game a friend of mine made. It’s entitled Mein Kampf and is basically a “what if Nazis were in control” story.

From left to right:

Addler is a character of mine who is 100% Aryan and in the Gestapo. He basically is a ‘mind/secret policeman’ and makes sure no one is plotting against der fuhrer without getting caught.

Fekla is a Russian Jewish girl who is secretly working for the rebellion. She is my middle sister Samantha’s character.

Wassauf is a character of mine who is the younger brother of Addler. Wassauf is actually my main character and volunteer for Super Soldier experiments and ended up joining the Wolfsoldaten, a special forces experimental unit built by a new drug. His last name is Wassauf, but seeing as he is in the army now, he goes by his last name. His first name is Anath.

This is a collaboration done between me and my sister Samantha. Our characters for the story Mein Kampf that a friend of ours created.

I drew both the males, as they are my characters, and she drew the female, one of her characters.

We wanted to do something Halloween-y and couldn’t think of anything. So we started drawing some Nazis on cleaning ‘machines’.

Don’t try to understand that, it won’t make sense.