Almost all of the main ‘cast’ of characters to the story Mein Kampf.

We have: Addler, Else, Fekla, Moskau, Struselwerfer, Wassauf, and Zucher Kuchen.

That means that I didn’t draw Wienershnitzle, Ludwig, Julliana, or Killian.

Oh yeah, there are several.

Anyway, these are some little experiments in art I was trying. Figured I would make cute doodles and see how they turned out. Not too shabby.

These are some of my and my sister’s characters form a game a friend of mine made. It’s entitled Mein Kampf and is basically a “what if Nazis were in control” story.

From left to right:

Addler is a character of mine who is 100% Aryan and in the Gestapo. He basically is a ‘mind/secret policeman’ and makes sure no one is plotting against der fuhrer without getting caught.

Fekla is a Russian Jewish girl who is secretly working for the rebellion. She is my middle sister Samantha’s character.

Wassauf is a character of mine who is the younger brother of Addler. Wassauf is actually my main character and volunteer for Super Soldier experiments and ended up joining the Wolfsoldaten, a special forces experimental unit built by a new drug. His last name is Wassauf, but seeing as he is in the army now, he goes by his last name. His first name is Anath.

This is a collaboration done between me and my sister Samantha. Our characters for the story Mein Kampf that a friend of ours created.

I drew both the males, as they are my characters, and she drew the female, one of her characters.

We wanted to do something Halloween-y and couldn’t think of anything. So we started drawing some Nazis on cleaning ‘machines’.

Don’t try to understand that, it won’t make sense.

I like to draw Addler, an OC of mine, and Fekla, my middle sister Samantha’s OC, around one another because Addler irritates Fekla but is fascinated by her lack of fear of him. So they end up round one another in jokes often.

To make it up to Fekla, I decided a picture where they weren’t arguing was needed. Not that they really get along by any means.

Addler adores coffee and Fekla hasn’t had it before. So they are having a cup together. Also, Addler is wearing his official Gestapo uniform.

More doodling styles from me.

This is Addler, my OC, and Fekla, my sister Samantha’s OC.

I wanted to show off how Addler annoys Fekla with the Nazi’s misconceptions of the slavic.