christophrevans  asked:

5, 7, 11, 12, 16, 18

What was the last movie you watched? Easy, the last movie I watched fully was Pitch Perfect. Loved that film.

Top 5 blogs at Tumblr. Oh my God, I haven’t even been around enough to know what blogs I follow anymore, who is still active haha. I’ll just go with my crushes (which ironically you were number one) which are: pennbadgers/josh, blueivysweave/kyle, chadleymacguff/chad, feistyfrank/frank, and boyonfire/marco.

Am I missing anyone right now? Yes, I think at most points in everyone’s life they are missing someone. But, yes I am missing someone.

A fact about the person I like. He has blonde hair and his name rhymes with ‘Fill-In’.

A wish. I wish that I could speed up my academic progress and graduate sooner; once I graduate, things will finally begin to look brighter at work and I am ecstatic for that.

Dream date. I am a sappy, hopeless romantic so of course I invision this epic date that involves a picnic somewhere romantic, a long walk on the beach, a summer thunder storm that picks up and we kiss in the rain and so on. But, really I am just as cool and comfortable with staying in all night, watching movies (anything but horror) and just relaxing together.