feis tan


And here she is at long, long last.

I absolutely adore this show more than anything and I absolutely adore Dan Fei too. I knew straight away I wanted to cosplay her and after a loooooot of hours and agony, here she is!

I’ll be putting a link to my WIP of this on my cosplay page soon, but for now I’m off to the con!

Expect more and better pics soon!

Baby, You’re a Firework

@grotesque-executioner​ (for the Fireworks event. Thank you, Eury, for setting everything up, and I hope to do this again! I’ve really enjoyed it even though my reply load has tripled!)

Shalnark had only heard that there was going to be a firework show early in the morning, when he decided sleeping in was futile and he hauled himself to work. After what seemed like a forever of a workday, the blond was practically skipping back to the apartments.

There was the internal debate of ‘what if he says no’, but he felt like, since it would be dark, and they had a good chance of finding a private spot to watch from, he had a good chance of getting this date approved of.

With a deciding hum, Shalnark slowed to a stop in front of door 420-Feitan’s door, as he often referred to it as-and knocked, loud enough that he knew the Chinese espresso would hear but quiet enough that it hopefully wouldn’t annoy him.

“Fei-tan, are you in? I have something to ask you!”

Reviews of Kris Wu’s acting in Mr. Six

Anon, you only sent me one review so I went to search for a few more. These are the few I found on Weibo that don’t contain major spoilers of the film.

  1. (Film reviewer): Mr. Six returns to the street scene for his son, using his life and blood to guide the younger generation back to the right path. This is a martial arts film with its core element being family. Feng Xiaogang deserved the title of best leading actor! Boiling in anger at one moment and streaming in tears at another, I just want to take the guy and rush into the silver screen together! Kris Wu had an amazing progress, where at end he gave a killer look. Do not use the term “fresh meat” to describe him, he is a true actor. (source)

  2. After watching the movie, there were three people who left the deepest impression. Feng Xiaogang shed tears for his family, Zhang Hanyu shed tears for brotherhood, and Kris Wu shed tears for loyalty. The spirit of “Lao Pao Er” has been embodied in Mr. Six, Men San Er, and Xiao Fei. I have to say, this is a very wonderful Beijing film. Very manly, worth of watching! (source)

  3. Mr. Six is definitely a wonderful film. Feng Xiaogang’s performance had really lived up to his Golden Horse winner of best actor title. Uncle Hanyu has a great body, the whole audience screamed when he undressed. Xu Qing was really pretty in the film. As for Young Master Kris Wu, my eyes brightened when he appeared, he was so handsome. At the last battle on the glacial lake, Kris Wu does not have one single line, but his eye expression made me immersed into the scene. (source)

  4. The entire film really made people shocked and touched. Feng Xiaogang’s role of Mr. Six was very powerful and Kris Wu’s role of Tan Xiao Fei was an eye-opener. He filled up the silence with his acting. His acting was especially great. The feeling of Old Beijing and the sense of loyalty were interpreted really well, especially Kris Wu’s role of Xiao Fei had touched many young people who are at a loss. His interpretation was particularly good, thumbs up. (source)

  5. I’ve been worked up ever since I finished watching the movie, it’s filled with feelings of Old Beijing. Director Feng is indeed the best actor, grasping onto his lines and emotions well. Kris Wu and Zhang Hanyu, one of them being fierce but not malicious and the other being tough but also gentle. As a rookie actor shares scenes with experienced actors, what we fear most is after they get into the act, their emotions will be carried away. It was clear that Kris Wu handled it well and had not have his emotions carried away. His dialogue was much better than his debut’s.** (source)

**I’m assuming the OP is talking about his delivery of his dialogue for Mr. Six was much better than in his debut film, but don’t take my word for it.