Every feis
  • Me:*trips during the first 8 bars of hornpipe*
  • Me:yeah I'm just here to have fun anyway


Okay gals & dolls, it’s time for another giveaway! This time we’re giving away another über popular item of ours: The Neon Tee. Oversized and free-flowing, our Neon Tee is the perfect piece to lounge around in before and after a feis, at the beach, home, or out and about this Spring! So, how can you get your hands on this delightfully bright & soft slouchy tee?

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Giveaway will run from THURS 1.22.15 to SAT 1.31.15 & winner will be announced MON 2.2.15. Please be considerate of your followers and fellow participants and do not spam this post.


Awesome things about Irish dance:

- Going out for lunch after dance outs
- Sleep-overs after feises
- Hanging out with your dance friends
- Meeting awesome people at feises
- Meeting people from all over the world at majors
- When your teacher smiles at you, or says “good job”
- When you really start noticing improvements
- Finally hitting that move that you couldn’t do before
- Coming off stage and knowing you nailed it
- When you meet/exceed your goals
- Sweating and sore muscles after practice (you know you worked hard)
- Knowing that you can do something that amazes people
- On St. Patrick’s day when you’re in your wig and team jacket, and a random stranger asks you if you’re an Irish dancer, and you proudly say “yes!”
- Jumping up and down with your team mates after dancing a figure
- Getting to see new parts of your country while traveling to competitions
- The feeling of flying when you hit a leap just right


I know I promised I would post pictures this weekend but these past few days have been pretty hectic I’m sorry! But here is my new dress finally for those that asked to see full pictures of it. It is a pretty bright blue in person, the pictures don’t really show the true color of it but close enough haha. Oh, and of course I had to mirror selfie in it 💁

My dad did tabulation for my school's feis and put together a list of the "20 most common adjudicator comments, as interpreted by a non-dancer"
  1. Turn out! Turn out! T.T.O. More T.O.
  2. Can’t anyone turn out?
  3. Gawd almighty turn your freakin’ toes out!
  4. Fell off stage, cried a little. Wimp.
  5. Fell, fracture, bone fragments, blood loss, Cried a lot. Wimp
  6. Got knocked off stage, hurt ankle bad. Continued. Heels drop. Turn out. More arch. Weak. Wimp.
  7. ROFL
  8. Nice high. High lift. Heels down. Bad arch. Rushes a bit. Too slow. Good posture. More body control. Erratic.
  9. LMAO
  10. Lovely style! (18th out of 18)
  11. Epic fail
  12. Really?
  13. Kick butt.
  14. Kicked butt.
  15. Got butt kicked by kick butt competitor
  16. Nice attack on HP. Attacked other dancers. No!
  17. Dress looks like The Demon (KISS)
  18. Timing, turn out, stamina! arms in, shoulders, extend knees, heels drop, eyes down, posture, rhythm, squatting, stopped, stomped off. WTF?
  19. Bwahaha!
  20. Wow. Best. Looked great. Nearly perfect. Dress is too short. (17th out of 18)