I love My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I really fucking do. 

And this here is Rarity. 

And she’s awesome.

Ya know why? Because in almost any other show, the girly, fashion obsessed diva would be the bad guy. She would be. She’d be petty and vain and mean. And Rarity isn’t. Rarity laughs in the face of that boring old cliche and then criticizes its fashion choices. 

Rarity embodies the element of generosity. She’s creative, successful, and goes out of her way as much as she can to make her friends happy. She’s arguably the more girly of the mane 6, and one of the hardest for the (mostly male) Brony fandom to really relate to. 

But she’s awesome, and drives home that just because you are girly and like clothes and shopping doesn’t mean you can’t be clever, and amazing, and kick ass too.