The signs on a field trip to the museum

Aries: *sees “do not touch sign”* *touches everything*

Taurus: *waits all day for lunch*

Gemini: *runs excitedly to see all the displays*

Cancer: *sobs* these people didn’t deserve to die

Leo: *runs into gift shop*

Virgo: Did you guys know Abraham Lincoln is my great great great great great great great great grandfather?

Libra: Oh. My. God. Guys, this one of Napoleon’s button from his left sleeve from 1769.

Scorpio: lol look at all these dead people

Sagittarius: *accidentally gets lost from their chaperone*

Capricorn: Ugh, when is this over?

Aquarius: *tries to start World War III*

Pisces: *accidentally spills drink on important displays*

I really want the other kwamis to not be in Paris. Because it would be kinda weird if they could choose a guardian anywhere in the world and they all choose a person i Paris. 

I just really want episodes where we’re introduced to another pair of superheroes that work together like ladybug and chat noir but in another country. Like if the class was to go on a field trip to England or Belgium or Germany and the come across not the same but something similar to what they fight in Paris. And of course Marinette and Adrien would never let people be hurt just because they’re out of their comfort zone (and they think its supper weird that the other ones there because what? why? how’d you get her? 

and then they’re fighting what ever this is and they come across another superhero team and everybody just stop and stare at each other because this is really weird. but they have a fight to win so questions must be answered later. but while they're 

so after the fight (because of course they win, they were four people with superpowers) everybody wants answers, but of course thats when the miraculous starts to bib and everybody takes off. but they promise to meat the next day because chat AND ladybug just happens to be in town for a small week, what a strange coincidence (YOU GUYS ARE INFURIATING!!!) 

Chat and Ladybug show up first at the meeting and while they’re flirting chatting the other team shows up and they have their talk about being heroes and what not and are there more out there and sure you should definitely see if you could take a tripe to Paris some time it would be great (depending on where you are it can take you a couple of hours to travel between countries in Europe.) And then one from the other team just can’t help them self and just have to say that Chat and Ladybug are just so adorable together and how long have they been a couple? Are they dating behind the mask too? And ladybug just don’t know what to say she’s speechless, and chat has the biggest grin EVER just looking at her like “see its not just me” because really everybody can se that they’re definitely attracted to each other and they’re constantly flirting OF COURSE PEOPLE THINK THEY’RE DATING! WHY AREN’T THEY DATING! 

I really need that. No love triangle to make the other jealous. No I just want a other superhero duo to point out how obviously made for each other they are. and you know another superhero duo because SUPERHERO DUO!

Trip to The Homeland (on Wattpad) http://my.w.tt/UiNb/DyhH9glgzu

Marinette and Adrien’s class goes to a class feild trip to China (which in this story is Marinette’s old home before she and her family moved to France ). While Marinette reunites with old friends a certain Adrien Agreste starts to get jealous when an old friend of Marinette starts hanging out with her more than usual. Will this lead to secrets be…

This is the best story ever